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As a Transwoman, who has been to several dressing services in London, I have to say I have found a friend and a fantastic trans supporter in Paul at Born. What a wonderful organisation Paul has created. Everything a girl could want in one place. I contacted Paul and he took care of my hair, my brows, my ear piercing, my nails and most of all performed a fantastic makeover on me. He is flexible on location and makes you feel at ease, makes you feel like your true self and makes you look like you hope in your dreams. I enjoyed our chat, and as I said I made a friend who I know will look after me going forward. I immediately signed up for a makeup lesson, but I don’t think this will mean I no longer use Paul’s services, after all a girl wants to dazzle some times! 

Amber Edwards, 2017

I thought I would drop you a line following my makeup lesson last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with you, and felt so good afterwards. I was out all afternoon with Paula shopping and felt exceptionally confident especially about how I looked. Many people in shops and a restaurant all addressed me in the feminine pronoun and never seemed to give it a second thought or have any uncertainty. That really bolstered my confidence. I really didn’t want to take off the makeup to go to bed on Friday. Saturday I was back to Alistair and how disappointing it was!
A transsexual friend was amazed at how fantastic I looked in my photos taken on Friday. My main point of this email is to say thank you for your help, and for providing this wonderful service.


Catherine Hunt, 2017

My wife and I had a makeover in 2016 by Paul in his studio and loved the results, so much so, they were used in a piece on the Born website. Paul made us feel really relaxed, and told us what to do make up wise so we knew what to do in the future. We could not fault the service, in fact I felt so confident, we went into Manchester city centre for some retail therapy and lunch. I would (and have) highly recommend Paul’s services to other trans friends.

Paula Defriez, 2017

I visited Paul’s studio, Born, for a professional makeover a few months ago on the recommendation of a good friend. I had already met with Paul socially so was instantly at ease when I arrived. The new studio was very impressive and I had a wonderful time during the makeover. I was preparing myself for a special night out so I wanted to look my best, Paul’s talents certainly saw to that.

Alison Paulette, 2017

I visited Born for a makeover and some photography. I was thrilled with the service and how nice the team was. I felt completely at home with them. I would recommend Born to any trans person wanting to gain confidence and self esteem. The service is modern, clean and professional. Born really does make people feel happier in their own skin. 

Alice Rose Sampson, 2017

I was very nervous before I went to Born. I was wondering what I would look like and if it would made a difference to how I view myself.  I’ve always felt ugly and I’ve never liked myself, the only times in my life when started to change was with my transition. So when I looked at myself after Born made me over I just couldn’t believe it and that suddenly flood of emotion.  It just made the day so wonderful especially after getting to yourself late.  It didn’t stop there either, I shown my friends on facebook and everyone was saying how wonderful I was looking, my mums best friend even said how much I reminder her of my mum. I certainly think Born lives up to the name, about confidence building.  All of this and it was the first time I came, so yes I certainly at some point will come back. 

Shannon Elizabeth Maher, 2017

I met Paul through his Style Director Grace Oni Smith after she did my first make over for a beauty pageant I was entered in. After the pageant for me personally things fell in to place and Paul is one of the main people who got me to where I am today. Since 2015 Paul has helped me find my feet as a trans woman, helped me with perfecting my make up so I feel confident always and of course there is the emotional support that Paul and his team delivers. I have been full time now since April 2016 and I don’t think I would have gotten to this stage without his support. Friendship and cups of tea. 

Jamimie Peute, 2017

We met Paul at Born a few months back as I was wanting some pictures taken and then I was invited to spend the day along with my wife for a makeup and photo shoot. What can we say it was the best day ever. We felt so relaxed on meeting Paul. It was as if we had known him for  years and the service, we can only say, was first class we only wish we could keep him all for ourselves as his makeup skills are amazing.

Charlotte Flanigan, 2017

After a long search to find a company that was trans friendly I came across Born, I wanted a fresh pair of eyes and to be who I am. I’d never met Paul Heaton or had dealings with his company before this I got in touch with Paul as I was after a makeover and my eyebows shaped dyed and also my lashes done. Paul was so helpful and could not do enough for me he and Born ensured my experience was a very positive one. From that time I have been on courses run by Born and have taken away a gold mine of things I never knew before. Ive always found that if you ask Paul a question he gets back to you with an answer and count him and the members of The Born team as friends.

Sandie Myers, 2017

I met Paul with nervous anticipation, that went as soon as he opened the door and I was led down the garden path to his studio, what a beautiful location. Paul very quickly discussed what I was looking for and started his craftsmanship explained what he was doing and why with the makeup he was so exacting, nothing was too much trouble. I was left to get dressed in my first of many changes. Paul advised with some of the clothes that would photograph well.

It was a beautiful day so relaxing I wore some of my new dress’s that was fun to see them in print. Paul is not only a gifted make up artist but a gifted photographer and his photos of him dressed as a beautiful girl.

Thank you for a perfect day.

Rosy xxx

Rosy, 2017

Before going to Born being Trans was something to survive. I went to one of the Mad Trans Tea Party things they run; I was so nervous about it. I felt I already had confidence (I didn’t!) but thought I could maybe make friends. I met Paul and Grace and came home from there realising that being trans is something to celebrate.

For my birthday, my partner Charlie secretly booked me in with Born. I’m not exaggerating when I say that going to Born broke a curse. Since then my life has exploded with opportunities and new and interesting relationships. That’s the magic of confidence; It brings with it the ability to say yes to life. I’ve done loads of new things. I’ve been in the Big issue, I’m a trustee for Happy Valley Pride. I hated my voice but I’ve done a 2-hour radio show. I hated my body but I’ve done a photo shoot in basically my nightie which is about to be on the Cover of Label Magazine. Some of the other photos are in Exhibitions in London and Vermont which is in America n stuff. I’ve worked for Barnardo’s Young LGBT project supporting Trans kids. Ended up on a Channel 4 and I’m going be in a music video… oh and I started my own club night. All of which wouldn’t have happened without the support and encouragement of Born who made me feel like someone.


Kim Lana Blackburn, 2017

I have visited Paul at Born three times up to now and every time has been a amazing experience. I go to Born for makeup and every time the results amaze me. Paul makes me feel welcome every time and will always try to help with any trans related issues I have. My partner has also met Paul when we had a photo-shoot done and she feels the same way. There is no doubt Born and Paul are a great asset to the trans community.

Karen Thornton, 2017

I’m trans and a client of Paul Heaton’s at Born who helps with my makeup for night’s out, and he is also training me in the use of makeup. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better. Paul is very professional in what he does and his expertise is second to none.

Melissa Orintas, 2017

I have visited Born on several occasions for help with makeup and beauty. They give an excellent service. The makeup was modern and fresh and I felt like the look was designed just for me. The Born team made me feel totally at home and relaxed. I left with my head held high ready to tackle anything the world could throw at me. I am a regular visitor to Born and always will be..

Abi Carr, 2017

After 15+ years hiding away I decided to pick up where I’d left off back in 2003, sadly time had not been kind, and my makeup skills were also severely lacking. I searched for some help, and as luck would have it found Paul almost by accident.
I am so glad that I did, Paul has been wonderful. Taking me step by step through all the things I needed to achieve the look I wanted. It has been such a confidence booster working with Paul, I honestly don’t think I’d have been able to go full time without his help!
I highly recommend Born and cannot thank Paul enough for all the help and support!


Sarah Kemsing, 2018

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