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At Born it is a story we hear only too often that family relationships can break down once a trans person takes the brave step to come out to their loved ones. To promote acceptance and give hope to the trans community we are producing a set of images to tell positive stories of relationships surviving the coming out process. These people choose to support their loved ones through a difficult time when they need support and love the most.

Jaimie and Lynda. Daughter and Mother. Jaimie’s story:

After deliberating for roughly 30 years what I should do regarding transitioning or what it meant I finally took the plunge last April [2016] and went full time.

I had only started cross-dressering in January 2014 because I felt something was missing and slowly for me the puzzle became complete. I live my private life mainly through social media so for most people it wasn’t really a surprise. I still found it hard to tell my parents and my sister Elly.

My sister and step mum were, as expected, totally fine but I was worried what my dad would say as he was a bit of a local hard man in his day. All he said was when my step mum told him was: “You look like your mum and when you come visit me, don’t dress slutty.”

Picture of Jaimie Lynda

After I had a date and came home I sat chatting to my mum and she said “Why don’t you get changed?” I was still sat there in my female mode and I said to her, “I don’t think I ever want to again.” She just paused a second and then asked if I wanted two bags of rice to see how big I would like my boobs.

My mum is my biggest supporter and I love her to the moon and back. I am grateful for how kind and supporting she is. Nothing I do fazes her in the slightest. We go shopping together for clothes and make up and she helps me get ready for nights out. She even tells me if I look a dogs dinner!

When we got asked to be part of Born’s family project I knew I wanted to do it and show people that you can have it all when you transition. It’s not all doom and gloom and being an outcast. There is a lot of love and acceptance.

Do you have a positive story to tell about your experience of acceptance by your family and friends? We would love to hear from you. Please email paul@born.uk.com





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