Man has achieved many an amazing feat – from mapping the globe to splitting the atom, from making us believe a man can fly to ascending Everest, and from organ transplants to somehow, inextricably, enabling Kevin Hart to have a lucrative film career. But for all his accomplishments he is undermined by one fatal flaw: savagery to that which is different. From a creepy-crawly to alien encounters, his innate reaction is ‘it’s not like us – quick, kill it!’

Even to one another, Man’s inhumanity to Man is boundless. No attribute – no matter how small – is free from disapproval and attack. From taste in music to skin colour to sexuality, nothing is off limits. But as society evolves and accepts – from no longer being outraged by long-haired rockers, immigrants and gay love – it needs fresh meat. And right now that meat is trans.

In 2016 the US reported more murders in a single year than ever before and even in merry old England, where tea and crumpets is de rigeur not Smith & Wessons, trans-abuse was up a whopping 170%. And these are the ‘civilised’ nations. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Brazil, Malaysia have made an Olympic-level tranny triathlon out of gang rape, torture and murder. In recent days, Sameera Krishman of Malaysia and Dandara dos Santos of Brazil became the latest grave statistics.

Sameera was murdered one day before her 28th birthday as she popped out to buy food – hacked to death, shot and her body then mutilated – and this is after a previous incident in which she was kidnapped, raped and tortured. Dandara didn’t even have to venture outside her home as an angry mob broke into her home, dragged her outside and beat her to a pulp, gleefully taking photos and filming the onslaught, before scraping her limp body off the floor – like a piece of shit – and tossing it into a wheelbarrow. Whisking it down an alley. And continued pulverising.

Until she was dead.

There has never been a more pressing time for the standing up of trans-rights, to show that we are just as human, decent and deserving of a life as anyone, and so it was tragic to see long-standing ‘feminist icon’ Jenni Murray, assert that trans-women are not real women. Her opening gambit was to say she that wasn’t a TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) whilst doing her best to exclude trans from the feminist ideal, stating the same flawed and tired arguments that self-confessed TERFs use all the time in denigrating and rejecting trans-women from inclusion and acceptance as women.

Despite no gender-related training, or knowledge, Jenni felt well-placed to offer a spectacularly lop-sided and ignorant insight into the trans-world, insisting trans don’t understand what it means to be a woman or understand the hardships they face in a male-dominated society. The sad irony being that in her hatchet job Jenni failed to acknowledge the challenges and discrimination faced by trans every single day.

Jenni bangs on about male privilege – like all 3rd wave feminists – as being the barrier preventing men from ever understanding the battle they face but completely ignores the fact that trans-women (and trans-men) have a far tougher time than any ‘real woman’. Whilst classic feminists fought for equality with men, modern feminism has succumbed to bitterness and hate and fights to ensure men remain the enemy. Yet the idea that a trans-woman is invalid because she once experienced the privileged of being a man is ridiculous. A rich women has far greater privilege than a poor man and a hot woman has privilege over all men – from getting let off from cast-iron speeding tickets to wrapping rich, powerful men round their fingers and stealing them from their family home.

Hence, the idea of privilege is dubious to say the least but it’s the jewel in the feminist crown to ensure that men are, and always shall, remain the enemy.  After all, ‘the penis is a weapon’ as another well-known feminist once said. Under such paranoid circumstances men who become women must be truly terrifying for them. It short-circuits their binary, Speak ‘n’ Spell view of the world. If they acknowledge trans as women then they must also accept their entire ideology is a myth and their whole reality collapses like a house of cards.

What Jenni fantastically fails to consider is that when a man goes trans he LOSES all that male privilege. He’s looked down upon by men and dismissed by women who look to ‘real men’ to be protectors, providers and sexual partners. Both sexes taunt men who aren’t manly enough as ‘sissies’, ‘big girl’s blouses’ and female names and so their disdain is overpowering when faced with a sissy in a girl’s blouse and with a female name. The sad truth is that a trans-woman has not only lost all male privilege but also all outright respect. Whether it’s the kind ‘clocked-you-but-trying-not-to-let-it-show you expressions, to sniggering, to verbal abuse to physical assault and even murder, trans-women have no privilege.

If she’s still unconvinced, maybe Jenni can ask Sameera or Dandara of their struggles. Oh wait, she can’t, they’re dead.

But what of those who are fortunate enough to pass unnoticed? Okay they escape much of the day-to-day derision but they’ve still lost their male privilege because they’re seen as women – and women are oppressed, right? They also have to stay in the dark, unable to blow their cover for fear of recrimination like becoming the office joke or something slightly more serious, like, say, being raped and strangled to death. If they stay undercover they have to betray their trans-sisters (and themselves) by staying quiet when someone talks about ‘those damn trannies’ by nodding in agreement.

Jenni talks about the struggle of being female without one ounce of recognition for the struggle of being a woman with a man’s voice, a man’s bone structure, or a man’s height of 6′ 2″ and built like a tank. Of being viewed as a freak, a deviant, or simply mentally insane. Of losing wives, brothers, parents and children as they ‘come out’ to a world that implores you to ‘be who you are’. Of being a walking cash machine, forking out fortunes for voice training, laser hair removal, electrolysis and the pain and trauma of surgery. Of being afraid to speak when their voice isn’t feminine enough, of hoping they don’t need to use a public toilet because whether it’s not simply a choice between the women’s or the men’s – it’s a choice between getting yelled at or getting beaten up.

So, Jenni Murray, if you have male privilege and then lose it, being treated just like any other woman (if you pass) and not even human (if you don’t) you’re somehow still benefitting from male privilege?

You have to have grown up with oppression in order to know what it means to be a woman? I’m sure Jenni would agree that a woman raised by wolves is still a woman despite never having been oppressed by patriarchy and male privilege. She also highlights trans-women’s lack of awareness of the historical struggle for female equality as being another key reason why men can never be women. Does that mean the average19 year-old bimbo who doesn’t know anything beyond reality television and beauty regimes is not a woman, either?

The sad reality is that trans know exactly what it is like to be marginalised by society, by every section of society, and we know how it feels to be ridiculed, and invalidated, much more than any ‘real woman’ does.

We have had to fight far harder battles and face far worse discrimination than just about every minority community group going, and have also had to face far worse discrimination than any cisgendered female, so please, Jenni, don’t tell us that we aren’t ‘real women’ just because we have had to face different issues in our lives than you. And please remember that whilst women today are abused and killed because, as women, they are seen as easy targets, at least they are not abused and killed just because they are women.

Born would like to thank Vicki Sixx for writing this interesting article for us.

Above: Vick Sixx. Proud to be a Trans Woman.





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