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Trendco have been supplying wigs for over 50 years and are the UK?s number one wig & hairpiece suppliers. With seven retail salons across England whilst also supplying to over 1000 hairdressers, wig boutiques, e-commerce sites, makeover artists etc you are never too far away from a Trendco wig!

Are wigs a part of your wardrobe? If not, they should be! Even if you?ve grown out your own hair, a wig or hairpiece is a great way to transform your look and add some instant glam.

The choices can be endless when choosing a wig, so here are some top tips on what to think about when choosing a wig that is perfect for you!

The first thing you need to do is choose between human hair and synthetic hair.

Human Hair
Human hair wigs look super natural and can be cut and styled to just how you like your own hair to be. Trendco?s Gem Human Hair Collection wigs come completely un-styled but have a range of different lengths from 2-4 inches right up to 18 inches, so you can choose a short pixie cut or to have long luscious mermaid hair! Because it is human hair, you can blow-dry, curl, and straighten the hair by using heated appliances.

The downside of human hair wigs is that they can be quite expensive, however the Gem collection is very reasonably priced. Human Hair wigs can also be quite heavy and porous than other hair type options and the maintenance is a lot higher as it requires to be styled every time you wash it, just like your own hair would!

A typical human hair wig can last up to 6 months, sometimes longer depending on how often it is worn and how it is looked after.

Synthetic Hair
Synthetic hair is much cheaper than human hair, so it?s a great option if you are new to wearing wigs and also if you are a bit of a Lady Gaga and changes your style from one day to the next, there is plenty of variety in synthetic wigs. From short, mid & long length wigs in an array of different colours, in the synthetic world of wigs there truly is something for everyone!

All synthetic wigs are pre-styled so they will already come in a style that you already like, however a bit of personalisation never hurt anyone so if you fancied having a few centimetres taking off or a fringe adding, that is absolutely fine too! Trendco have many ranges of different synthetic hair collections depending on budget but they cost from ?90 up to ?300.

Synthetic hair has a memory, so that when you wash it, it bounces back into the style, making the maintenance very low.

The disadvantage is that you can?t heat-style synthetic hair. Any kind of heat near a synthetic wig will singe the hair, even so much as oven heat, gas heaters etc. Synthetic hair also has a limited lifespan of 3-4/5 months depending on how often it is worn etc. Long hair synthetic wigs is less as the fibre will rub against clothes etc. causing friction frizz.

Next thing to think about is what kind of cap do you want? Human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs have different options when it comes to caps. Do you want something that is natural or something that is more big, bouncy & voluminous?

A machine wefted cap is the most common and affordable cap. It has a closed lace crown with the hair machine-sewn to the cap. If you want a cap that has more volume, this is the cap to go for. Trendco?s Hi Fashion collection and some of the Noriko collection are made with this caps.

Monofilament cap wigs are made with thin skin like material at the crown to create the illusion of a scalp. The hair on the crown is hand tied into the thin skin like material. This looks more natural and the hair can be parted or styled in any direction. The Amore collection all have monofilament caps whilst some of the Noriko collection has a few styles in monofilament caps too

Lace front wigs are super popular especially with celebrities like Beyonce, since they are the most natural-looking. Lace front wigs are made often with a monofilament top and with a fine lace mesh at the hair line to create a lifelike hairline. This is perfect if you want to tie your hair back. The lace front needs to be trimmed back as when you receive the wig, there will be approx. 0.5-1inch of lace. Trendco?s exclusive European brand Sentoo Premium all have lace fronts and monofilament caps. The caps are very light weight too.

Hand Tied cap wigs are all about comfort and style combined ? a match made in heaven! The benefit from having a hand tied wig is that it is the most natural looking, lightweight cap there is. Each individual hair is hand tied onto a soft mesh cap. No wefts and no mechanical stitching are used to give the appearance of all-over natural hair growth, even up close. Hand tied wigs can be very over budget but if you are looking for that total natural look and you have the budget, it?s the cap for you.

Majority of cap sizes are approximately 54cm circumference, however some collections like the Sentoo Premium and the Stimulate collection have larger cap sizes of approx. 55/56cm. All caps do have adjustable straps inside them to ensure the right fit for you.

Now that the type of hair and cap has been decided, you can now choose your colour!

Choosing a colour is the best bit as there so many different shades, tones, highlighted, low lighted, natural, wacky colours available, you will be trying on wigs all day or filling up your wardrobe for a different colour to wear each day! One day you might decide to be a classy brunette another day you may decide to be bombshell blonde and another day you may decide to be a red vixen, the choices are endless!

It’s simply a trial and error exercise to see what works and what doesn’t for you. If you are looking for something more natural, you will need to look at colours that match your skin tone. All of the collections at Trendco, whether it be human hair or fibre hair have a wide variety of colour choice

If it is your first time choosing a wig, it is recommended that you visit a reputable wig salon for a consultation. The stylist seeing you should have experience and knowledge in wigs and can help best advise you on what is right for you, without you feeling obliged to make a purchase. If you are unsure, don?t make the purchase that day, take a few selfies of you in the wigs so you can refer back to them later. Trendco has salons in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Hove, Liverpool, London, Manchester & Nottingham and are all Born recommended. The consultations are free with no obligation to buy either. All the stylists are hairdresser trained so they can cut and style your wig to just how you want.

For further information on wigs or to visit your nearest Trendco salon, please call us on 01273 774977 / 777503, visit our website www.trendco.co.uk or email us at info@trendco.co.uk

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