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We have all experienced some difficulty getting lashes to behave themselves but know they are only going to enhance the look. They can stick on the wrong part of the eye or even nowhere near the eye. With the help of Oliver Hughes who inspired me to write this blog here are a few handy tips on how to apply.

First thing to do is measure the lash against your eye and trim it to fit the outside. This will make the application much easier with the lash the correct size.

Apply the glue to the band. I use Eylure Lashfix, Clear Finish. It?s white when you apply but dries clear so you know when its fixed. It comes with an applicator that perfect to use. Oliver recommends Eye Candy which is available on eBay for about ?3.50.

Bend the lash around holding the lash with both hands this way it will sit on the eye better. This will help any thick bands become flexible and ensure it sits on the eye line correctly. I do this for all strip lashes.

You can apply mascara while you are waiting for the glue to go tacky. Applying mascara gives you the opportunity to ?pinch? your false lashes into your own which does two things. 1. Makes sure your lash stays in place. 2. If you don?t do this you may end up with two sets of lashes. Your own, and the false lash separated. Not a great look.

When the glue is tacky it?s time to apply. I find it takes about 60 seconds for the glue to get to the right texture. It?s important that the glue is tacky and not wet as it will grab the eyelid rather than slide around.

To apply lift your chin and look down your nose into the mirror, place the lash against the outside corner with your fingers and then use tweezers to make sure the rest lines up. When approaching the eye make sure you come in from the top. The lash needs to sit as close to the root line of your natural lashes as possible and hug eye rim. You may get an untidy finish at one end of the eye if it?s not sat correctly.

Make sure the glue is completely dry before opening your eyes fully. If you have a hooded eye the lash will stick to it if it?s not dry. Never apply with a closed eye or you could glue your eyes shut. This may or may not have happened to me.

As mentioned before ?pinch? the false lashes into your own. Apply more mascara if you feel you need it.

You may want to put eyeliner on the band again to hide the glue and neaten up any miss alignment. I use a gel liner to do this but you can also use black eyeshadow for a smokier look.

When buying lashes, look for the ones that don?t have a band as they seem to be easier to fit and do not necessary need the extra liner. Look for lashes that are longer/thicker to the outside and are quite feathery. Stay away from glossy looking lashes.

Happy lash sticking. Good luck and we all know that practice makes perfect.


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