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Rejection? ? reject it!

Rejection is, for most of us, an occasional part of everyday life. From not being picked for the sports team to being dumped by your first romantic partner to not being selected for that fantastic career opportunity ? standard rejection happens every day to one of us....

Is it too risky to be true to yourself?

I met someone recently who was about to visit her family to break the news that, although born male, she spent an increasingly large part of her life dressing, behaving and, more importantly, feeling like a woman. Understandably she was quite apprehensive about their...
Do You Feel Comfortable in your own skin?

Do You Feel Comfortable in your own skin?

Like the vast majority of the population, I look in the mirror sometimes and don?t like what I see: my hair has a life of its own, my eyes are a tad red, my cheeks a little blotchy and so on. My solution is to repair the damage as best I can, apply some make-up and...

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