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The art of makeup is to enhance not to necessary to hide so here?s our step guide to a simple day look.

Step 1 Skincare

Skincare is very important as it ensures that your skin will be at its best before applying your makeup. The best thing to do is go to a skincare specialist brand such as Clinique or Clarins and they will be able to advice you on the best regime to compliment your skin type.

Step 2 Primer

Prime your skin to help your foundation apply smoothly and create a long lasting finish. Again, like skincare, you will need a primer that compliments your skin type and there are many on the market that can help with oily or dry skin.

Step 3 Eye Primer

Prime your eyes with a creamy eye base to give your eye makeup something to adhere to. We like to use the mac pro long wear paint pots as they create a perfect base and a long lasting effect to your eye makeup. We prefer to apply the eye makeup before base as it ensures that your eyes are nicely defined and skin will be flawless without any drop down from the eye makeup application.

Step 4 Eye Brows

The brows are the frame of the eyes so it?s important to keep them well-groomed and defined as the can give a lift to the whole face. Using a brow pencil slightly lighter than your hair colour define the bottom line of your brow in a sketching motion. Then fill in the brow using the same sketching and feathering strokes to build up the shape.

Step 5 Eye Shadow

You will need a light medium and dark shade of your choosing. Begin with the medium shade on a fluffy blending brush and work it along the socket line of your eye always beginning on the outer corner of the eye and working your way along, apply this same shadow two thirds of the way under the eye ensuring you connect it with the top of the eye on the outer corner. Apply your lightest shade under the brow and on the eyelid to highlight the eyes. Apply your darkest shade with a fluffy brush into the outer third of the socket line and the outer third of the lower lash line.

Step 6 Liner

There are many different types of liner for you to experiment with as you build your confidence but we find pencil or powder is the easiest for beginners to use as it is a little more forgiving if your lines aren?t perfect. Begin by taking a pencil of your choosing and apply it to the upper lash line in a sketching motion to build up the shape, also apply liner on your water line and on the outer corner of your lower lash line. Using a pencil brush soften the liner to give a softer effect.

Step 7 Mascara

Mascara is a really important step as it frames your eyes. Using your chosen mascara take your time and build the mascara on the top and bottom lashes to give a touch of drama to your look.

Step 8 Beard Colour Correction

This step only applies if you still have a visible cast under your skin from facial hair but will ensure a flawless foundation application without any ashiness around the jawline. Start by applying a matte cream product in an orange tone all over the beard and moustache area blending as you go, then set the cream with a little translucent powder to avoid it mixing with your foundation.

Step 9 Foundation

It is important to use a foundation that compliments your skin tone so if you are unsure of what colour to choose ask advice in your nearest department store and most counters will be able to help you make the right choice. Apply your foundation with a buffing brush ensuring to stipple the foundation over the jawline as to not disturb the orange underneath and use a buffing motion for the rest of the face. Apply foundation lightly and build the coverage as and where you feel you need it.

Step 10 Concealer

Just as with your foundation you can be advised on the best concealer shade and texture for yourself if you go to a department store. Apply concealer under the eyes into the eye trough are ad blend upwards and outward with a fluffy brush. This is your opportunity to tidy up under the eye and clean up the shape of your eye makeup.

Step 11 Powder

We like to keep powder to a minimum as it can often look cakey if you apply to much. Just apply powder into areas where you don?t want shine such as the forehead, under the eyes, nose and chin and leave the rest unpowdered. If you have more of an oily skin type you may want to apply a little more powder to compensate for this.

Step 12 Cheeks

Firstly using a bronzer or contouring powder sculpt the cheeks, imagine a line that runs from the top of the ear down to the corner of the mouth and focus your bronzer into the back of the cheek blending no further forward than the pupil of the eye to avoid a streaked effect on the cheek. Using a blush of your choice apply a soft application to the apples of your cheeks. If you find it hard to find the apples of your cheeks smile into a mirror and you will see the apples become fuller and easier to apply blush. Finish the cheek with a small amount of a highlighter applied along the top of the cheekbone.

Step 13 Lips

Start by defining the lips with a sharpened lip pencil; work your way along the natural lip shape in a sketching motion, if you want to give a slightly fuller look to your lips you can line just outside of your natural lip line. Apply your chosen lipstick and or lip-gloss.

Have fun creating the look. Mix up the colours and see what you can create.

All our love. The Born Team. xx

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