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So, you’ve snagged yourself a date with someone special this Valentine?s Day and now it?s your chance to make a great impression. Go girl! Whether you are dining by candlelight, or taking a woodland stroll, it is fun to spend some time pampering yourself in the run up to this romantic event. Spending some time with your loved one on this special day is priceless, so let Born help you to ensure that your skin and makeup are spot on, so that you are as prepared for it as you possibly can be. The rest is up to you!

First, let’s think about your body. The best way to prepare for any special date or occasion is to take a nice long hot bath. Our advice is to use oils and bubble baths that are not overly scented, because you don’t want to knock your date out with your overpowering scent! Perhaps try a bath product with an added benefit, such as Fresh Sake Bath. Although it?s not cheap at ?65.99 a bottle, a little goes a long way! With a fresh peach scent, this uber relaxing bath soak will make your skin feel silky-soft all over, and it also helps to remove bad toxins from the skin as well. To really make your skin look and feel amazing, whilst you are in the bath, use a body brush or loafer to smooth away any dead skin. Then, sit back and relax for about 20 minutes, before stepping out and drying off with a nice warm towel. Once you are dry, why not pamper your body a little more with some perfumed body lotion, such as Soap & Glory the Righteous Butter Deluxe Body Shimmer Cream. At just ?11, this body cream will make your skin super soft, and it has an added bit of sparkle to leave a soft shimmer wherever it is applied.

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On the same theme, having good skin is a must on Valentine?s Day, especially on your face. In the lead up to the big day, you can show your face some love by using a good face mask to instantly brighten your skin and leave it feeling soft and clean, with a radiant glow. One of our favourites is the Hydra Floral Expert Mask from Decleor at ?29.50. This is part of Decleor?s famous skincare range, which harnesses the natural power of plant oils to deliver a burst of hydration to your skin. The fact that it mimics the hydration in plants means that your face will look more radiant and plumped up in seconds. Take some time to massage it into your skin, as this will help to relax you and also leave your skin with a beautiful and healthy glow.

Whilst you have your face mask on, why not treat your hair to a mask as well? This can help to give it some extra gloss, which is always attractive. One of our favourites here at Born is the world famous Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in Geranium & Neroli. A favourite with loads of celebrities, this mask really locks in moisture, but remember to apply it BEFORE your shampoo for the best results. You will be wowed by the results – we are sure! Once you have washed your hair, there is an easy way for you to give it some voluminous curls, if you have mid to long hair. Simply split your hair into two sections and plait them. Leave in the plaits for a while before drying with a hairdryer, and make sure that your hair is absolutely dry before you take out the plaits. Alternatively, you may want to try a low side bun, or experiment by pinning up sections of your hair with a pretty clip or band. For shorter hair, we recommend leaving it loose and adding a pretty accessory, such as a flower or diamante clip.

When it comes to make-up we believe that less is more. A more natural look is best, so don?t apply too much foundation, and try and avoid powder (unless you skin is very oily). The less caked on your make up looks, the better. Use a soft pink blusher instead of bronzer for a more feminine and girly look. For eye shadow, go for a tone that compliments your eye colour; if you have brown or hazel eyes, try warm tones in brown or bronze. If you have blue blue eyes, try gold and beige colours, for green eyes you can really make them pop with purple, and for grey eyes, use cooler tones. Pop some white eyeliner in the corner of each eye to help make you look more awake. Then just curl your eyelashes and pop on some mascara on your upper and lower lashes and you are good to go ? one of our favourite mascaras is MAC False Lashes Extreme Black, as we find it adds both length and volume.

Of course, the thought of au natural make-up might bring you out in a sweat, so if you want to vamp up the glamour – then go for it! Whatever makes you feel most comfortable!

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