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Hot Wax Hair Removal


Hot waxing (peel-able wax)

Hot waxing is perfect for hair removal. Why? Hot waxing alleviates the need for a strip, it shrink wraps the hair without pulling the skin and is less painful than strip waxing. Our clients have commended the hot wax treatment is quite pleasant.

Hair is in a continuous pattern of growth and rest; this is known as the hair growth cycle. There are three stages to this cycle:

  1. Anagen – Growing phase
  2. Catagen – Changing phase
  3. Telogen – Resting phases

The hair growth cycle isn’t naturally synchronised therefore the body hair is in a different stage of the cycle to its neighbours. This explains why our hair doesn’t grow to the same length all over the body, then fall out everywhere all at once. Waxing ‘resets’ this cycle. When hair is pulled out by the root it forces the follicle to begin the birth process afresh. After a few treatments, this results in the waxed hairs falling into step with each other and longer periods of smoothness will be seen between sessions.

Paul recommends treatments every 3-6 weeks for the best results. During the first few appointments, some hairs may be too short to be captured by the wax. You may notice these hairs as stubble or mistake them for early regrowth in the days following your treatment.

Why wax verses shaving

Waxing removes hair by the root, so eliminating the need to shave daily and reducing the treatments to just monthly keeping your skin softer with reducing ingrowing hairs verses shaving. The treatment takes Paul 10-20 minutes depending on how many areas you need waxing on the face. Shaving can cause micro tears in the skin, razor bumps, rashes, sores, and worse ingrown hairs.


Paul will always wear gloves and never double dip the spatula during hot waxing. Tools are correctly sanitised and sterilised.

Paul trained in waxing with Sam Marshall from the Beauty Guru.





Ear Wax £5

Face Waxing £20
Brows, Ears and Nostrils

Full Face Wax £25
Brow shaping, Ears, Nostrils, Lip, Chin and Cheeks
This is not a beard wax. We cannot wax that area as it would be too painful and it’s not advised. Chin and Cheeks can be done after laser hair removal or electrolysis if there are a few hairs in that area.

Lip or Chin Wax £5

Lip and Chin Wax £10.00

Middle of Brows £5

Nostril Wax £5

Peach fuzz £10
Sides of face


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