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Stylish, Knitted Cockers

As many of you know my makeup business is closed due to the pandemic and no one seems to know when I can open again.

I’ve been trying to think of innovative ways I can keep the woof from the door in these difficult times. Some of you may also know I’m a keen knitter. I’m developing a range of kitted chokers. I love chokers but every time I try and buy one, they’re always seem too small to fit.

I will make these, by order, to your size. I have many designs in mind, but I can design one bespoke for just you. I have a range of yarns; buttons and I know over 100 different knit stitches from chunky to lace styles.

The one in the picture is a Double-Knit black yarn stitched in 2-3 rib with a cute guitar button fastening. I have quite a collection of different buttons from you to choose from and you can have more than just the one if you like. You can even buy your own special yarn.

Starting price is only £24 including delivery to any UK address.

They take me about four hours to make from start to finish. If you fancy one drop me a message or email paul@born.uk.com

Love to you all. Paul x

How to measure your neck: 

To measure your neck, take a tape measure and just wrap it around your neck to get the circumference. If you don’t have a tape measure you can use sting and a ruler. Put the sting around your neck and pinch where the end meats the sting. Hold it against a ruler and take the measurement.

measuring neck

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