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Applying lip colour is one of the simplest makeup steps. It’s a fantastic way to immediately change a look. Applications range from simple, blotted-on stains to combinations of lip pencil, lipstick and gloss. Picking the right shade complements the natural colour of the lips and works with your skin tone. There are a wide range of formulas to pick from.

  1. Matte
  2. Sheer
  3. Shimmery
  4. Creamy
  5. Gloss

Finding the shade for you:

Apply your lipstick to a clean face. The shade that looks good on your natural, makeup free face is the right neutral, every day, colour. It shouldn’t look ashy, orange or pink but like an enhanced version of your natural lip colour. Good neutral shades are pinky brown, nude, beige pink, rosy brown, pink, chocolate or blackberry.

Once you have the right neutral shade of lip colour you have the basis for experimenting with dramatic colours. Most lip colours with the same undertone as the natural shade will look flattering.

You know you have found the right shade when it enhances the skin tone, makes the eyes look brighter and gives the face a lift. 


Matte Products are dense and last longest. They contain less moisture than other products, so the adhere to the lips and do not fade as quickly.

Semimatte Products are less dry than matte products and don’t last as long. They work best on textured or dry lips and give of a soft sheen.

Stains provide long-lasting, high pigmented colour.

Tints, like sheer glosses or balms, protect the lips with moisturising formulas and help soften the lips

Gloss Sticks are hybrids, between sheer lipstick and gloss. They add a bit more pigment than lip gloss does, but both are see-through and moist.

Lip Glosses provide hydration, sun protection and sheen. This formula is great for making the lips look fuller and for layering on top of other lip colours.

Chubby Lip Pencils will both define lips and provide a creamy matte texture. Long lasting but can be a little dry.

Lip Liners define the lips and keep lipstick on longer when used on the entire lip area.

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