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I visited Born as part of an amazing gift (full day ? makeover, photoshoot and make up lesson) paid for by my very generous girlfriend. She chose the services of Paul because although she recognised there were many other makeover services on the market, uniquely Paul seemed to focus on the positivity and beauty of Trans (and bringing this out in us) as opposed to misinformed view of were all ?highly sexualised? which seems to be the dominant selling point for other providers within in the market. ??My Girlfriend was also impressed how timely and polite Paul was in his email communication (sadly others were not).

From my perspective, I feel in the time since my day with Paul my life has changed for the better, I have developed a real motivation to improve the way I look through the techniques and advice Paul has given me, I feel more confident about embracing my feminine persona, I also feel for the first time that I am beautiful and not a mismatched ugly freak which has caused me much personal anguish, stress, shame and denial over the years. ?Paul has been the impetus for this change.

I don?t feel it is necessary to talk in too much detail about Paul the makeup artist because the pictures of his exemplary work are there for you all to see.? If you use these services you get Paul the person who is lovely, interesting and very accommodating, over the day we discussed many subjects? my overriding opinions of Paul is he is genuinely a nice guy who is a champion for the community. I told him that he could probably make way more money giving cis gender women makeovers. His response resonates with me ?I know this but my heart is with and will always be with the Trans community?.

I will be using Paul again in the near future, mainly because I have every confidence in his abilities to help me develop as Lisa, a Trans Woman.? ?

My deepest thanks from Claire and myself x

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