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Born Location Shoot Experience

at Woolton Hall, Liverpool

Ticket Price: £135 per person. When: Sunday, 2 August 2020. Arrival: 9.30am. Finish: 4.30pm. Available tickets: Three Remaining


Woolton Hall, Liverpool Location Shoot

The Experience

Why not join Born for our annual visit to Woolton Hall, Liverpool, a semi abandoned venue which has been featured in film and TV productions. We will be joined by two fantastic photographers, David Gaskell and Nick Heaton and of course Paul Heaton and Vic Marley, our skilled feminisation makeup artists, will be making you look amazing and ready for the camera. Whilst you are there, you can explore the fascinating venue with all its history. After the event you will receive four incredible, professional images in this unique setting. There is free parking.

What do you need to bring?

All you would need to bring with you is a change of clothes, shoes, hair, if you’re not using your own, any accessories and a packed lunch.

Above image: Photographer David Gaskell

Some images from 2019’s visit


Georgina Cross DresserThe Woolton Hall photo shoot was a unique experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t done anything like this before but I needn’t have worried. We were very well looked after! The whole team from Born were very attentive to everyone and did a fantastic job, both with our looks and our photos. The venue was well picked, and added so much to a special day. Not only was it very professional but also a great atmosphere and friendships have been formed as well. So much credit has to go to the for creating that atmosphere. It has given me the the confidence to try new things and I would definitely do it again. I can highly recommend it to anyone The memories of the day are wonderful ones and if you get the chance to do it, you should! Georgina

Shelley JayneIf you ever wanted a true ‘Modelling on Location’ Experience, then this is it! The chance to look around the impressive historic and abandoned Woolton Hall Manor is a pure bonus and what a fantastic backdrop it makes. From the time you arrive, and settle in with a cup of tea, you can explore the Manor, before settling in for your makeover with the professional and friendly team from Born. Once made up, you get the opportunity for several locations to be photographed in, and you can change into different wardrobes as you desire. An awesome experience, and the day just flew by. The photos are a brilliant memoir, truly showing off the makeup artistry and photographers skills to take away to start your professional or amateur modelling career! Thoroughly recommended and a really unique opportunity. Shelley

Helen Cross DresserI’m not quite sure where to start. I’m a person in my mid 50s, somewhere on the transgender spectrum, born male but have always experimented with my female side from a very young age. I’ve only been leaving the safety of my home dressed as Helen for less than two years.

When I saw the Born Woolton Hall experience advertised on Facebook, I registered immediately and paid via PayPal. I arrived early, dressed enfemme as Helen. It was the first time I’d met Paul, Nick and the team. What lovely, lovely people. I was immediately at ease and within a few minutes was in the chair. Paul removed the makeup applied by myself at home and he asked me what look I’d like him to achieve and he started to work his magic. Paul is a true artist and over the following 75 minutes or so, created what you see in my pictures. I particularly loved how he did my eyes.
We chatted through the whole process and I can’t enthuse enough what a lovely, genuine person Paul is. In the meantime, Nick had created a number of settings with elaborate lighting rigs and proceeded to take the pictures occasionally giving guidance as we moved from set to set. Nick is just lovely and he made me feel relaxed, happy and confident. I then sat for Trish who was equally as professional, chatty and genuine, just brilliant. I had three outfit changes through the day, with slightly different photos being taken with each change. I had a wonderful, wonderful time and I didn’t want it to end. I left Woolton Hall on an all-time high and can’t wait for the next event to be announced. I’d just like to say a huge, massive thank you to Paul, Nick and Trish for just a wonderful day, a day I’ll remember forever. Helen

My day at Woolton Hall was that of a most pleasant day. The morning started bad with heavy rain on the way there. But thanks to Maddy Smith whom made it feel better.

Woolton Hall is very old and looked a bit off. But once inside and met some lovely people it felt so good especially with Paul doing my make over and Nick and Trish doing the photography it was a most memorable day and gave me a lot of confidence back 10 out of 10. Tanya

About Woolton Hall:

Woolton Hall is a former country house located in Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool, England. Built in 1704 and extensively renovated in 1772 by the influential architect Robert Adam the building is praised as the finest example of Robert Adam’s work in Northern England. Throughout its 300-year history the building has been the residence of a number of notable figures, including the Earl of Sefton and Liverpool shipowner Frederick Richards Leyland.

During the latter part of the 20th century the building went through a number of uses eventually becoming a school in the 1950s and later being abandoned with plans for its demolition. A campaign against its destruction was successful and the hall is now a Grade I listed building.

Passing through the front entrance is a large lobby flanked by two main halls. The lobby has marble flooring and an imposing oak fireplace which is one of the buildings original features, having been designed by Robert Adams. Adjacent to the fireplace are three doors with the leftmost allowing access to a kitchen area and a stairwell. The door directly to the fireplace’s left leads to an octagonal shaped turquoise room with and a decorated ceiling that contains a circular painting of Frederic Leighton’s The Garden of the Hesperides. The door on the right leads to the building’s main staircase.

Above image: Photographer David Gaskell
Above image: Photographer David Gaskell
Regarding the two main halls, the left side hall is a function room with two full-length windows, a stone set bar and fireplace and a back kitchen area. The hall’s ceiling is decorated with painted with gold foliage centred around a bust of a man dressed in 18th-century clothing. On the right side of the building is a dance hall and adjoining tapestry room with high ceilings and oak panelled walls. The dance hall with two large front facing windows is decorated with paintings of previous residents and a large painting of Queen Ann which sits above a brick fireplace. Next to this is a wooden bar area that leads into the tapestry room while at the room’s centre is a Parquet dance floor which has been damaged to reveal stone flooring underneath. The tapestry room is an elongated semi-circular area decorated with mostly Flemish paintings and two glass candle-style chandeliers. Set back to back with the dance hall’s fireplace is another fireplace creating a mirror image, this time with a portrait of King George III hanging above.

The principal staircase which ascends to the second floor is another of Robert Adam’s original features consisting of wrought iron baluster and a moulded mahogany handrail. The upper floors boast large opens rooms with original Robert Adams ceilings as well many smaller rooms which have acted as bedrooms and classrooms throughout the building’s history.

Your Team

David Gaskell, Photographer
Self-taught photographer David first got to grips with photography in and around Abu Dhabi, setting himself the challenge of having his photos published within 12 months of picking up the camera. This goal was quickly smashed with his photographs being used in newspapers, magazines and digital media across the world. David’s work also includes photography for architects, an international sports company, book covers for fiction and is proud to provide photography for the Victorian Society.
Nick Heaton, Photographer
Studied photography and Art at Bournemouth and Poole college of art and design in 1988. Currently working on urban exploring and candid shots of everyday people. Have a passion for street art, creative lighting and cinematography. Also like to paint on canvas and influenced by Picasso, Salvador Dali and Todd Schorr to name a few. Instagram: rasputins_poolcleaner
Paul Heaton, Makeup Artist

Paul is Born’s Managing Director and the feminisation specialist makeup artist. He honed these skills under the tutelage of a well-known trans feminisation makeup artist. Paul is fully committed to Born’s mission to improve the lives of trans and non-binary people by offering them practical help and advice, and working to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Vic Marley, Makeup Artist

Back in 2016 I decided to do formal makeup and hair training and set up my little business. While I didn’t know at the time where exactly it would lead me, since the moment I picked up my first professional makeup brush, I have loved every second of my journey to where I am today!

I truly believe in beauty within, but I also acknowledge the power of makeup and how it can help give a little boost to someone’s self confidence.

Trained at North East Make Up Academy.

Ticket Price: £135 per person. When: 2 August 2020 Arrival: 9.30am Finish: 4.30pm Available tickets: Three Remaining

Event Terms and Conditions. By opting to purchase, allocate or possess tickets to the Woolton Hall Location Shoot you automatically agree to our terms of use. If you have problems with any of the clauses listed below or do not agree with the risk allocations mentioned here, please do not purchase tickets. Full Terms and Conditions can be found by following this link: https://born.uk.com/woolton-hall-event-terms-and-conditions/

Woolton Hall images copyright David Gaskell 2018

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