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At Born it is a story we hear only too often that family, partners and friend?s relationships break down once a trans person takes the brave step to come out to their loved ones. To promote acceptance and give hope to the trans community we have produced a set of images to tell positive stories of relationships surviving the coming out process. These people choose to support their loved ones through a difficult time when they need support and love the most.

About the early years and you have probably have heard it all before, boy wanted to look like girl, Why? No idea, can anyone truly explain it.

I have known my partner Jeanette for well over 10 years as we used to work together prior to becoming a couple. She had no inclination that I dressed or went for makeovers and photo-shoots.

Jenny and Janette portriat

I went to see Jeanette, a good friend at the time, and told her about Jenny. I showed her pictures of Jenny on my phone and telling her about my alter ego. I got a smile and then Jeanette continued to look at my phone with a smile.

She was inquisitive and asked few questions, which made me feel more relaxed as I was talking about Jenny with someone outside the circle of friends who knew about her. The more we spoke I became more relaxed, and more willing to share information.

We started to go together to events including the TransLiving weekend where I entered the Miss TLI competition and came second.? Part of my prize was a photo-shoot in London and tickets to the Way Out Club. The only person I even thought about taking with me was Jeanette and we had a lot of fun in London. That was this weekend that me realise how much Jeanette meant to me and that I wanted her to be a permanent part of my life.

Jenny and Janette Kissing

Since Jeanette and I became a couple she has supported me in many ways.? We often go out on shopping trips and she shares ideas and advice on style and looks that work for me. ?Jeanette supports me on photo shoots and now is even willing to join in having pictures and makeovers together.

In January 2016 we visited BORN in Manchester and met Paul and Grace for a makeover and mini photo-shoot. ?We chatted for a while about the kind of looks I like and whether there was a particular look I would like to try that day.? They gave me some great advice and tips on feminisation makeup during the makeover, and the session felt very relaxed and comfortable whilst also being very professional.

Jenny and Janette 001

We kept in touch with BORN and when we were asked by Paul to participate photo shoot for a BORN campaign showing Trans supportive partners and families we were keen to help. So we went back to Paul?s studio where he once again made us feel welcome, he explained what he wanted from the days event and why and we agreed that we were happy to be involved. Paul then worked his magic on both Jeanette and myself and took some fantastic photos to use on the BORN website. Once again we had a great time, and we were more than impressed with the results.

Visiting BORN is so much more than just a makeover.? They are immensely supportive in all aspects of the Trans community, full of friendly advice and tips, and definitely worth visiting.

Do you have a positive story to tell about your experience of acceptance by your family and friends? We would love to hear from you. Please email paul@born.uk.com







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