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Taking care of your makeup is fundamental. Why not carry out a weekly audit of your products?

Take out anything that is broken or is missing a cap. Remember you can decanter liquid foundation into a fresh container. The same with creams and lipsticks, just transfer them into smaller containers. Place capless pencils in a zip-top plastic bag. Sadly, broken powder blushes and press powder are irreparable, and should be thrown away. A weekly routine is far easier than monthly / yearly overhauls.

It is important to throw away any makeup that is past is expiration date. Makeup can hold bacteria or just simply?go off and not perform well. Look out for this little symbol on the packaging:

PAO symbol

The little open jar icon is the PAO (or Period After Opening) symbol, which tells you how long the product will last after the package is opened. The time period is almost always shown in months and appears as a number followed by the letter ?m?, either inside the jar graphic or next to it.

Here are some guidelines to how long you should keep your products for:

Liquid and cream foundation ?? 2 years

Concealer ? 2 years

Powder ? 2 years

Mascara ? 6 months

Lipstick ? 12 to 18 months

Lip and eye pencils ? 12 to 18 months

Eye shadow ? 2 years

Powder blush ? 2 years

Cream blush ? 2 years

Moisturiser ? 2 years

Eye cream ? 6 months

Sunscreen ? 2 years

Face cream ? 2 years

Go on have a clear out now! It will make you feel so much better. Happy decluttering of that kit of yours.

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