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Manchester Cathedral Location Shoot Event

I travelled on public transport from the midlands to Manchester arriving around half ten i made my way to the venue. My first impression of the venue was wow! Alters and Gothic arches, gilding and carvings, gargoyles galore! A stunning backdrop for the event.

I was greeted by photographer Nick Heaton – who showed me to the library room that was used for the makeover – a warm fire and more amazing features made it a great space for the makeovers. Paul Heaton and Jack Tyson both bespoke makeup artists where already working their magic on the girls. I introduced myself to people and shared hugs with some friends that I hoped might be attending.

It’s very reassuring and easy to feel relaxed, at ease and to be yourself in the company of like-minded people. The other participants were soon like old friends. We sat and chatted shared affirming comments about each other’s style or hair etc, I often find the most beauty in a person resides in their smile. As I looked around, I felt so relaxed and pleased to look into the faces of the other girls. Even the most introvert person had a beautiful smile.

I sat and chatted with the others as we watched Paul & Jack transform people into stunning beauties, then people would take their attire to the designated changing area only to emerge as gorgeous women with faces that reflected their happiness.I waited patiently for my makeover as I also really enjoy the social aspect of the day and am more than happy to sit and chat whilst i wait for my special moment.

I was not disappointed! Paul applied my makeup choosing to use an ivory to black smokey eye to compliment my attire. We chatted and discussed products whilst he worked. He would offer advice on the techniques he was using to create the look, but we also socialised and checked in with each other and chatted about life etc. Paul is such a charming person, there is within his nature a warm and reassuring quality that obviously lends itself to working with people who might be anxious or lack confidence. He is just natural and such an endearing person.

So, with makeup applied and floating on small cloud of happiness, I was ready for my photo shoot. Each client (participant) was to be photographed across differing locations within the venue so the two photographers Nick Heaton and Katie Neeves had organise the various locations for the best images the venue had to offer.

I was photographed by Nick first having previously met him at the previous Liverpool event, like Paul he is charming. We chatted as he took me to the locations, he was calm and reassuring. He suggested a pose or position that makes the most of your look but without dictating. He listens to you and considers your anxiety or comfort zone. Then through mutual discussion and agreement gets the best photograph. I say photograph but for each pose or location there are multiple shots taken. Some test shots for lighting and focus then several of each pose so they can decide on the best picture to pass to the client. We worked the locations he was shooting then he passed me to Katie.

Katie Neeves is a professional photographer who has had a career in photographic journalism working for tabloids and magazines. Having briefly met her on my arrival she had a beautiful sincere nature with a warm endearing personality. She explained some of the shots she intended to take with me, and we made a start on my first shot being seated on steps with the background of the cathedral interior falling away into the distance.

Katie is totally professional but with a person centred personal approach that is complimented by her charming smile and patience, again we worked the locations she felt afforded the model the best photograph.

With the day coming to a close I said my goodbyes to everyone and made my way home, but with a smile on my face and a playful sway in my step that denoted my total enjoyment of yet another truly fabulous BORN experience.

I cannot recommend these opportunities enough – everyone involved are so nice and like-minded ?. the staff are truly understanding of even the shyest or introvert of clients.

Born gets a five star rating for yet another fantastic and truly memorable experience ??????????

Thank you so much. Your organisation and professionalism truly understands my needs as a transgender woman, you really inspire confidence and make me feel quite beautiful.

Maddy Smith – Walsall w-mids





We were delighted that Claire, who is CIS gender, supported her partner by attending the event.


The Team

Paul Heaton
Makeup Artist


Paul is Born’s Managing Director and the feminisation specialist makeup artist. He honed these skills under the tutelage of a well-known trans feminisation makeup artist who taught at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy. Paul is fully committed to Born’s mission to improve the lives of trans and non-binary people by offering them practical help and advice, and working to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Paul has been also been actively raising trans awareness by delivering free presentations on the subject to businesses around the country.

Jack Tyson
Makeup Artist


Jack has been involved in the Makeup Industry since 2012 and his portfolio includes, amongst others, working for: Charlotte Tilbury, NYX, MAC and Armani Beauty. Jack studied at the Thomas Danby College and has been rewarded with: Level 3 Diploma Theatrical, special effects and media make-up, Level 3 (National Vocational Qualification) Women’s hair cutting/ Styling, Wig dressing and styling. Jack is also an expert in feminisation makeup and well known in the trans community for his excellent work helping women look and feel confident and full of self esteem. He is an extremely creative makeup artist who can create any look desired.

Katie Neeves


Katie has been a professional photographer for 31 years and she is currently ranked 2nd out of over 1,800 UK photographers by Free Index (based on over 170 customer reviews). Having a background in press photography, Katie’s photographs have been published in many national magazines and newspapers. Katie has twice been commissioned to photograph the Queen in the Buckingham Palace music room. Katie came out very publicly as being a trans woman in April 2018 and she is currently in transition. Formerly known as Martin, Katie took the decision to keep the name of her business as Martin Neeves Photography & Film as it is an established brand that she has been running for 22 years. Her website is www.martinneeves.com .
Nick Heaton


Studied photography and Art at Bournemouth and Poole college of art and design in 1988. Currently working on urban exploring and candid shots of everyday people. Have a passion for street art, creative lighting and cinematography. Also like to paint on canvas and influenced by Picasso, Salvador Dali and Todd Schorr to name a few. Instagram: rasputins_poolcleaner

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