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Meet the Born Team

Paul Heaton. Makeup Artist and MD

Paul is Born’s Managing Director and the feminisation specialist makeup artist. Paul looks after Born’s marketing and business strategy and has over 20 years’ experience in design and marketing communications.

Combining his skills as a communications professional with his business experience managing marketing campaigns and creative teams, Paul co-ordinates how we reach out to people and engage with them.

Paul’s visual talents extend to being a makeup artist specialising in feminisation. He honed these skills under the tutelage of well known trans feminisation makeup artist, Grace Oni Smith and also had an advanced feminisation makeup lesson from Jack Tyson. Paul organises Born’s various events and sometimes gives free makeup tasters at the events.

Paul’s established career as an award-winning designer has included working as a team leader for the notable design agency Chase Creative Consultants before setting up his own successful design agency, Reform Creative

Paul’s experience in design and marketing communications makes him ideally suited to look after Born’s public face.

Devising strategic marketing solutions for Born’s business objectives, Paul is fully committed to our mission to improve the lives of trans and non-binary people by offering them practical help and advice, and working to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Paul’s makeup kit consists of brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, NYX, Urban Decay and Illamasqua. Paul is also fully insured to practice.

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.Gwyneth Paltrow.

Leighanne Krystal. Fashion and Styling

Everybody wants to look their best all of the time but with the fast paced nature of modern life, people don’t always have the time and often, style falls down the priority pecking order.

Got a special occasion or attending an event? Maybe, as many of us do, you’ve had a change in lifestyle (weight, relationship etc…) and you don’t know where to begin to adapt. That’s where I come in. The rational and practical voice that is on your side.

Whether it’s editing your wardrobe to best represent where you are in your life now, helping you acquire those glam garments and accessories or being on hand at a photo shoot / runway fashion show, I’m your supporting style sister.

Leighanne’s achievements

  • Fashion and Beauty Awards Finalist 2016
  • The UK Fashion and Beauty Awards Finalist 2017
  • International publications: Elléments Magazine, Shuba Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Surreal Magazine
  • National publications: Creative Portrait Magazine, Féroce Magazine

To Book with Leighanne call 07538 214 362 or email leighannekrystal@ymail.com

Sue Addlestone. Voice Training

Sue is Born’s speech and voice therapist, specialising in transgender voice training. Sue qualified with a degree in speech pathology and therapy from Manchester University in 1986 and has since worked in Australia, Salford, Manchester and Stockport.

During her career, Sue has worked with both children and adults with a range of speech and language difficulties. Her work has been in the following settings: a special school, mainstream schools, health centres and NHS hospitals. Her work as a lecturer for students on the Speech Therapy degree course (Manchester Metropolitan University) helped in the training of future speech therapists. In addition Sue has a Certificate in counselling, family therapy and expertise in a cognitive behavioural therapy.

Sue is published: ‘The Sourcebook of Practical Communication’ first published by Speechmark press.

Sue featured on North West News about Speech Therapy and voice. Her successful treatment for a female vicar enabled this lady to return to work, which she had been forced to give up due to voice loss.

In her NHS role, Sue is head of the voice service and has extensive experience in treatment of transgendered voice. She works as lead therapist with ENT Consultants in designated voice clinics within a hospital and also has training in counselling. Sue has worked as a lecturer and examiner on the speech therapy graduate course at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University).

Sam Marshall. Beauty Treatments

Sam is Born’s beauty specialist based in Manchester. She is skilled in waxing, brows and lashes, tanning, manicures, pedicures, gel nails and facials. Get rid of unwanted hair and pale skin and start feeling more confident about your appearance today.

Sam has worked with trans clients for six years her first when working at Harvey Nichols but been part of the Manchester LGBT community for 11 years.

Sam has the ability to put people at ease and her vast knowledge of beauty enables her to tailor make your ideal treatment plan to enhance your path.

Sam writes for trade publications, local newspapers and magazines, has appeared on local and National Radio and is also on the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority Advisory Committee.  She has worked with many brands and her skill set covers nearly all beauty services available today.

Jo Maddox. Mentor

Jo is a trans female, currently working as a mentor specialising within the Trans* community. In the last two years, she has had the passion for helping others by sharing her in-depth knowledge in the community. Jo finds the satisfaction very positive and continues to strive helping others.

Jo has helped people by listening, giving honest feedback, including guiding you into making the right decisions for yourself. She is there to be a role-model, and will be someone you can learn to fully trust. As a Mentor will inspire you, guide you, and expect you to give your best efforts into becoming the person you want to be.

As a Mentor, she can listen, guide and signpost

Mentoring is different than a friend. A Mentor is someone who has already been through and past an experience, and is willing to be a strong, responsible advisor to help you clarify and reach your own goals.

Jo normally works on a week basis of catch up, every 2 weeks if a mentee needs it ie. goals challenges. If mentoring is going well this can change to every 4 weeks.

Jo can provide practical support with issues such as:

  • Social and medical transition
  • Exploring gender identity
  • Coming out
  • Being ‘stealth’ / negotiating disclosure
  • Offering practical support and take a problem-solving approach
  • Providing appropriate information (and researching together) around gender identity
  • Demonstrating an understanding around transgender identities including non-binary identities and gender variance
  • Managing anxiety or stress

Contact details for Jo:
Mobile: 07999 114056
Skype username: JoJoMaddox1_1

First 30min FREE chat via Skype or phone. If you wish to continue with Jo the cost is £10 per hour to work with the mentee.

To book with Jo contact Born on paul@born.uk.com

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