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I get asked quite a lot what is in my makeup kit and which products I like to use that actually do work. You may be surprised to hear that not all the products I use are from the top brands and do have some budget products in my kit sat along side the high end makeup.

There are somethings, in my opinion, you just can’t skimp on. I like to use good quality eye products / shadows from MAC, Urban Decay, Huda and?Illamasqua but I do also have some eye palettes from NYX which are cheaper. I find that the more you pay for an eye palette the better the formulas are. Colours are more pigmented, you get less fallout and they tend to last longer. The NYX palettes are good but you may spend more time working and building the colour.

By far the best budget concealer I use is Collection, Lasting Perfection which is available at Boots. The coverage is great and the texture is nice and creamy making it easy to blend. It comes in a great range of colours suitable for any skin tone. I tend to use the light colours for contouring but you can also use the dark colours for contouring also. Its a bargain at only ?4.19.


Eye base:
As you may know to get the best results out of you eye shadow is to lay down an eye base first. This cleans up the eye area, carves out the brow shape and gives something for the shadow to ‘grab’ hold of. Putting shadows into naked skin isn’t a good idea as it will not last long plus the colour will be weak. Using a foundation as an eye base isn’t ideal as the product tends to fall into the creases of the eyes giving an uneven coverage. As you can image I have tried numerous eye bases but my favourite one is from?MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot, Colour: Painterly.?This dries matte and doesn’t fall into the creases of the eyes. The colour tends to be great for all skin tones as you tend to be covering it over with shadow. It retails at??16.50 but a pot lasts for some time.

I have a range of foundations I like to use depending on my clients skin type. In my kit are:
  • House of Glam Dolls Base
  • Illamasqua Skin Base
  • Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder
  • NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat.

Illamasqua Skin Base: Great coverage and good for dry skin. This foundation also photographs beautifully so great for those selfies. You can expect to pay about ?33 for a tube. This is my go to foundation.

House of Glam Dolls Base:?Again a great coverage foundation which works with most skin types. It also comes in warm and cool tones making it easier to colour match. This foundation retails at ?15.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder: This foundation is perfect for a lighter look as it is quite sheer and not as heavy as the others mentioned above. I also like to use this foundation on brides as it give a lovely natural finish. This foundation is also perfect for a more mature skin as it doesn’t collect as much in wrinkles. As this foundation isn’t full coverage isn’t not good for putting over a beard cover. You do need a full coverage for this.

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat: If you are on a budget and need a full coverage foundation this is the one for you. It retails at just ?7 so its a bargain. There is talk of this foundation being discontinued so be quick and stock up.

Colour correction:
If you, like many others, haven’t had laser or electrolysis to remove your facial hair you will need to colour correct this area. This area is considered blue in colour so colour theory suggests warm colours such as red, orange and salmon. Back in the day we used to use a red lipstick and some still do. The problem with this is it’s more likely to mix with your foundation giving a pink tinge on the lower part of your face. I find orange is best for darker skin and salmon for lighter skin. I would recommend NXY Concealer Jar, in colour orange, for dark skin and GiveFace Beard and Brow Blocker for a light skin tone. Both of these products are affordable to most. Remember to seal with a good translucent powder. See here for more information on colour correcting the beard area: https://born.uk.com/beard-colour-neutralisation/

NYX Concealer Jar

I hope you find my product recommendations useful. I will be doing more in the future so keep checking my blog.

Please note that Born is not affiliated with any of these brands.


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