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Supportive Family and Friends

At Born it is a story we hear only too often that family, partners and friend’s relationships break down once a trans person takes the brave step to come out to their loved ones. To promote acceptance and give hope to the trans community we have produced a set of images to tell positive stories of relationships surviving the coming out process. These people chose to support their loved ones through a difficult time when they need support and love the most.

Makeup and Photography by Paul Heaton at Born.

If you would like to be part of this project we would be delighted to hear from you.

Amy and Lisa. Friends for years.
Paula and Maria. Married for years and still together throughout thick and thin.
Charlotte and Agnieszka. Married and still going strong.
Jennie and Janette. Both married and happy supporting each other.
Angela and Karen. Both married and happy supporting each other.
A Mother and Daughters love. Jamie and Lynda. Yes even pets get in on the action.
Trans woman and wife supporting each other through life

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