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Whether you follow the “More is more” makeup doctrine, or you are more of a natural beauty lover – one thing is for sure. We all strive for a natural looking perfect complexion to build the rest of our make-up look on. So, here are Born’s top tips for complexion perfection:

Face creamLook After Your Skin
A painter is only as good as his canvas, so make sure that your skin is as well looked after as possible. If your skin is starved of moisture, it will cause the pigments within your makeup to settle strangely, and you will end up with patches – which look good on nobody!? Make sure you are using a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type religiously and spend some time massaging it into your skin to help stimulate circulation and accelerate the absorption time. Face oils are quite popular at the moment, and can even be used on the oily skin in moderation. Warm a few drops of a good facial oil between your fingertips, and press all over clean, dry skin to help balance things out.

Use Day Cream
Once you have moisturised your skin, follow with a good day cream. Go for something with anti-aging retinol to help protect your skin from the sun, or perhaps something more lightweight if you have combination skin. Then finish with a skin freshening mist to soothe everything.

Less Is More When It Comes To Primer
Many people make the mistake of slapping primer all over their face, which can look a bit cakey. Primer only needs to be applied where makeup tends to slip or you could use a couple of different types of primer to address the specific demands of your complexion. For example, why not use a mattifying primer on your T-zone to prevent shine, and something nourishing and glowy on dry areas to promote a healthy glow.

Conceal First
It is usually best to put your concealer on before your foundation, as then you can tell how much you actually need without overdoing things. Use a peach-toned concealer for under eyes if you have dark circles and a green coloured corrector for any areas that look overly flushed.? There are heavy duty concealers available too if you have any heavy scarring or blemishes you wish to disguise.

Use Cream Blusher First Too
If you want a really gorgeous “lit from within” look, then you should put your blusher on before your foundation too. Use a vibrant liquid or gel-based formula and buff it into the high points and apples of your cheeks for a really youthful look.


Concealer and Foundation

Foundation Time
Now it’s time for the foundation but don’t just blob it all over your face. Start with a really meagre-looking amount – you will be surprised how much you actually waste. Use a damp sponge or brush to apply the foundation from the centre of your face outwards – as this will help you achieve a “soft focus” finish.? Using tools that are damp means that less product will be absorbed and your skin should look fresh and dewy.? If you do overdo it, then don’t panic, just buff a tiny bit of moisturiser over the areas that look too done, and they will soon look illuminated.

Fix It in Place
The last step is a light dusting of featherlight translucent powder. You need something ultra-sheer so that there is no risk of tell-tale chalkiness. Use a big powder brush to cover your face and ensure even distribution.? Finally set everything in place with a quick spritz of a specialist setting spray to keep your skin looking pristine while protecting you from oxidative stress.

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