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Let’s talk hair. And not the locks we want to grow from our scalps – body hair.?Every Trans woman’s nemesis.?Cis women struggle enough at keeping those unsightly lip, chin, underarm and leg hairs away so despite medication helping to lighten the load, masculine body hair it is still a major issue when transitioning.

So what options are there? There are two main forms of hair removal – one removes from the surface known as ?depilation? and the other removes from the root ?epilation?.? Removing from the root will give longer time between treatment as it will take a few weeks to grow again.?The first will last a day or two, and the second will last 3 weeks. Methods you can use are waxing, tweezing, threading and more long term reduction methods such as electrolysis and laser or IPL.

I would personally recommend waxing as a starter ? it?s reasonable, affordable, quick and you will need to go every 4-5 weeks. Grow can considerable lessen over time and along with hormones this can be enough to manage on a regular basis. Pain is present but manageable dependent on area ? for example inner thigh, stomach, back of neck and intimate areas can all be a bit stingy, whilst shins, arms and back carry far less discomfort.

Longer term methods such as laser and IPL require visits around 6 weeks apart and hair must be shaved the day before. ?These methods are known as permanent hair reduction as follicles can re-ignite after a period of time.? This treatment covers large areas a lot quicker than electrolysis but will not work on fair, red or grey hair and can be ineffective on facial hair even with pigment.

Electrolysis however treats any hair type ? a sterile, incredibly slim needle is inserted into the follicle and a current sent down to destroy it. Weekly treatment is recommended and it can take months for full effect. This is ideal for facial hair and also grey, fair or red hair in the operation area on the scrotum. After the initial intensive sessions you’re looking at a longer interval between treatments – once a fortnight, once every three weeks, once a month. I reckon, given my experience that you’re looking at probably 2 elapsed years of treatment.

Personally I would recommend electrolysis on the face and operation area, and waxing or laser on arms, legs, chest, bikini line and back. Brows may also be waxed or threaded.

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