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Learn how to apply makeup with Paul Heaton

Hello, I have been recording my zoom masterclasses which are now available to download. There are just two at the moment, but I do have plans to expand on these. If you want to know when I add videos join the Born mailing list by clicking here : Sign me up for updates

Why not just watch a YouTube tutorial?

We are sure you have noticed that most online YouTube vlogers tend to be young and, well, gorgeous with little or no flaws. Lucky them. When trying to recreate these looks it is particularly difficult, as, like Paul, you may just be normal with all the challenges ordinary people face whilst applying makeup. Paul can walk you through these challenges. YouTube videos are normally heavily edited so they don’t last too long or even worse, time lapsed so the artist is working so fast you can’t see what’s going on.

You will need approximately 3-4.5 GB of free hard disk space for each video to download but then the video is yours to keep and re-watch at any time.

To order just click on the paypal button and I will send you a link when I receive your payment. This will come from the ‘MASV’ platform. You be able to download the video once. Any future downloads will be £1 each as the platform charges Born this for each download. Downloads are available for 10 days.


What Sammantha thought after buying both video tutorials:
The contouring video was really good. I love how you showed a completely different way of doing contouring by using both liquid/cream and using powder. I will say I love the powder look much better than the liquid. That may have to do with being in my fifties and not as daring as I used to be. I am using your techniques and hope to have as nice a look as you did in the next few weeks. You would think after six years of wearing makeup I would be able to pull the look off. Sadly not, I am OCD and need it to look perfect.
So now the smoked eye consultation:
I LOVED how the eye turned out and how you said to do the shadowing. It really makes a difference to me when someone can show you each step and explain why you do them. I truly hope when I attempt this by myself it turns out almost as good as yours. My blue eyes will really pop!!
Thank you again for the videos and the help you have given me. 
I am wanting to be part of one of your video consults if you decide to do them again. Please let me know.

Black Smoked Eye Masterclass
File size: 4.12 GB

Video Length: 53 minutes
Price: £6


Model with smoky eye

What is the black smokey eye look?

A smokey eye is a timelessly sexy and classic makeup look. The smouldering style is unbeatable for night-time and can even be reworked for daytime. Despite its enormous popularity, some women still avoid the makeup technique for fear that it’s too hard to create. Paul will banish that fear and show you just how easy a smokey eye can be with the right tips and tricks. This lesson covers everything you need to know to nail the smokey eye.

Order the download video now. You will be so glad you did.
For any questions email Paul on paul@born.uk.com

Beard Cover and Contouring Masterclass
File size: 3.33 GB
Video Length: 43 minutes
Price: £6



What is Contouring?

Contouring is a beauty trend that has elevated makeup to a whole other level and for the better. This makeup technique involves using dark and light colours to enhance or slim down the appearance of certain facial features. And it has become a go-to for makeup artists and everyday women alike.

Contouring is a technique that is hugely popular with makeup lovers; countless numbers of celebrities are on the contouring hype! But what is it and why is it so popular? Essentially, contouring helps you to define your features by creating the illusion of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose & chin – and who doesn’t want that?! However, the thing many people forget is it is supposed to be an illusion and, therefore, subtle! So, it is really important to blend thoroughly to ensure that you end up with a natural and flawless finish.

I will be showing you how to contour your face using contour creams and powder.

What is beard shadow?

It is simply the colour of the beard showing through your makeup. It doesn’t bother some, but most will agree it’s not a great look. I will show you how to cancel this shadow showing through your foundation in two quick, easy and effective steps.

Order the download video now. You will be so glad you did.
For any questions email Paul on paul@born.uk.com


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