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We have our own YouTube channel which you can visit by clicking here. We have a whole selection from makeup tutorials by Manchester’s makeup artist Grace Oni Smith. Learn how to polish those nails with Born’s beauty expert Sam Marshall and watch interviews with other trans people. Here is a selection of our favorites:


Grace Oni Smith delivers her first makeup tutorial where we learn how to create the perfect glamour, night-time look with a smokey eye and glowing skin.
Grace Oni Smith delivers her next makeup tutorial where we learn how to create smokey winged out eye with a neon pink lip.
Born’s beauty expert, Sam Marshall, shows us all about nails. From preparation to polish and dispels any cuticle myths.


Charlene-Fayth is proud to be a transgender woman. She talks to Born about living full time, her experiences entering Miss Sparkle 2019 and discusses her thoughts on the media and how trans women are portrayed?

A collection of makeovers by Paul Heaton at Born. Thank you to everyone who came.
Julie tells us how she broke into the Manchester Drag Scene. Shares her views on trans woman starting to experiment with Drag as their first steps into transitioning. Discusses her happiest time doing Drag along with some embarrassing moments.

Born interviews Jaimie Peute a transgender woman living full time for 12 months. 

Catriona talks to Born about her life as a cross dresser and how she came to terms with who she really is. She tells us about telling her wife her ‘secret’, how she managed to do that and what responses she received.

Liz talks to us about her life as a cross dresser and the amicable agreement she has with her wife. She goes on to tell us why she doesn’t want to transition and all about cross dressing in the 1980’s

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