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Its nearly here ? that time of year when we celebrate all things Trans. So with a couple of days to go here?s some beauty hints and tips to get you festival ready and looking your absolute best.

Nails ? either do it at home or treat yourself to a professional manicure. A file and polish is great if you have well groomed cuticles but if your hands are a little neglected then go for the full works. A regular polish will last 2-4 days so should see you through the weekend. Always buy the colour to top up any chips and reapply a top coat daily to ensure longevity.

A fab alternative is gel nails – these are an overlay of gel that doesn?t lift or chip ? these last 2 weeks but you could always just have them on for the weekend and then have them removed if you are part time. For length acrylics are your answer but BEWARE ? some cheaper places use dangerous acrylic that adheres to the nail so much that any accidents could result in your nail tearing off, rather than the extension snapping.

Stick on nails are great ? they are pre painted and tend to last quite well for a night of two. If you find it hard to find stick on nails that fit your thumb just paint it the same colour. Thumb nails are easy to grow.? However a really neat polish can look incredibly classy on short nails, especially a striking colour such as fushia pink. Watch the Born video here for some hints and tips as to how to do your own manicure.



Tan ? so those lilly white legs might be coming out (I checked the weather and Saturday is set to be sunny!) So either book in for a professional Spray Tan which will leave you with a flawless tan for 7 days or do some at home tan. Gradual tans are great for beginners as they tend to be easy to apply due to the small amount of tan in them.? Instant tans are perfect for those ladies who need to return to their regular shade post Sparkle. They literally apply with a mitt and then wash off with soap. We will be applying instant tan on the Born stand during the weekend for any last minute glow seekers.

Body hair – here?s some pros and cons of the most popular hair removal methods:


  • Pros: Cheap, instant, can be done at home
  • Cons: Shaving rash, razor bumps, short lasting, shadow on underarms still visible.

Depilatory creams (i.e. Veet)

  • Pros : Mid price, fairly instant
  • Cons : Skin irritant, not hugely effective, short lasting


  • Pros : Long lasting (4-6 weeks), kinder on skin, hair growth softens
  • Cons : More expensive, hair has to be 2 weeks growth from shaving, slightly uncomfortable

Personally I would always go for waxing ? unless you are using laser which is the most effective. Over Sparkle a wax will see you through whereas shaving and creams will need topping up possibly.

Brows? ?? a brow shape can be hugely feminising. Combined with a tint you can get a fab result but on its own a shape can also be made versatile for part time girls. Read all about Brows here following our useful guide

Lashes ? A lash tint can work wonders for small eyes to open them up. For a glamorous look lash extensions or falsies are a must with the latter being fairly easy to apply (with some practice!).

Makeup ? prepare and practice! I would come with a lovely day look and bring a brighter lippy, some black liner and mascara and maybe a stronger shadow to add to take you to evening.

Most of all have fun and enjoy yourself at the festival and don?t forget to say hi to us on the stall on Saturday.

Love to you all. The Born Team.

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