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Feedback from our clients

I’ve known Paul a long time and have been so impressed with his makeup artistry that I felt he would be the best person to help me with a makeup lesson. I’m 53 and the makeup I wear is quite basic. I’ve been to loads of makeup counters to have makeup applied. It’s always felt like too much, really rushed or a hard sell and never much of a lesson. I know there are YouTube videos, but the 20-year-old vlogger doesn’t have my skin, or colouring. I needed something more personal, with patience and time. As well as recommendations for ME! 

I chose a 3-hour lesson, which included full face application with contouring. Very reasonably priced for the time. You’re never going to get that from YouTube or at a makeup counter. As we’re on lockdown we did the lesson via Zoom. Paul had a split screen, so both our images were side by side. I really appreciated watching Paul apply on himself so I could then copy whilst he was doing it. He also could then advise right away as he watched me. Learning to use eyeshadow correctly is something I’ve always wanted to do. I was also worried that contouring would be too much for me, but I learned that with a little in the right place you could really accentuate features or diminish others. 

After the lesson, Paul sent me lesson notes, and product advice tailored to me. 

It was definitely a great place to start. I can now practice with the tools he gave me.  I know I’ll go back as I feel more confident and want to learn how to do something more dramatic. 

Thank you again, Paul! 


I’ve used Paul’s wig refurbishment a few times and I am very happy the with service. I’ve send him a few wigs now and he’s done a bang up job on all of them.

One wig I’d been holding on to for a couple of years and nearly threw it out. Paul brought it back to life. I can wholeheartedly recommend this service.


I am a crossdresser from the South of England. My work takes me across the country so I find myself in Manchester quite a few times of the year. I came across Paul at Born a few years ago and I have to say I?m so glad I did. Paul has done my makeup on about eight occasions now and each time he creates a new and different look which is amazing and keeps my look up-to-date, modern and fresh.

Paul?s level of detail is high and he?s great at picking the colours that are just right for me every time. Paul does my makeup in the comfort of my hotel room and always arrives on time and has never let me down yet.

I receive an abundance of lovely comments every time I go out with Paul?s makeup which makes me feel confident and full of self-esteem. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a professional makeover and often do. If you are in Manchester or just visiting a visit to Paul is a must.


Professional, well practised and very patient when it comes to dealing with someone who literally knew nothing. Full face tutorial, he did half, I copied for the other half to try and get it right. I was a little overwhelmed by the result so shut down straight after but I really did like it, and found it well worth it for a birthday treat to myself to learn what I was doing so I can be myself more and more now.

Only bit of suggestion for Paul is to maybe consider detailing the terminology use a bit more, such as the areas of the eye. Either in the tutorial or in the already very detailed noted provided afterwards. A face diagram to be able to see the locations mentioned in notes would help bind the tutorial and notes together (or at least it would for me, don’t know about others)

Either way, a very worthwhile morning well spent as you can see by the attempt a replication in my Christmas party pic currently as profile pic…
Very much a recommendation from me.


Firstly, I wanted to say it was an amazing experience. Very much new territory for me but enjoyed it very much. Will definitely be returning; my opportunities to go out as Sophie are going to be few so want to make the best of each time. I never realised just how much of a complex art it is and I can see that I will struggle to achieve much alone with the few opportunities for practice which I am likely to get.

So full marks and many thanks. I was really nervous about doing this and you made me feel very relaxed and comfortable right from the start.


I’ve visited Paul few times this year, he is such an admirable person to talk with and obviously a fantastic makeover artist that provides a whole heap of services for the transgender community.

You have helped me many times since I’ve met you and each time I have been blown away by the results that I thought were unattainable due to lack of confidence.

I wish Paul and all at Born an exciting and wonderful New Year. I look forward to seeing you soon as always xx


A Perfect Afternoon with Paul

I have crossdressed since I was young but found it difficult in recent years after becoming a wheelchair user and needing support to express myself and explore this side of my personality.

After we spoke on the phone a few times, I agreed to meet Paul? for the first time in a local hotel. I was really nervous about what it would be like but as soon as I got there and met Paul I felt? so relaxed. We had a chat and he was so understanding of how I felt.

Then it was time for action!

When I sat in front of Paul (& his make up light!) I was so apprehensive because it was so long since anyone had seen Louise. But Paul got to work his magic and when I saw the end result I was so pleased with what he had achieved. When he first passed me the mirror, I was quite emotional. I looked and felt beautiful and like the lovely lady I?d always wanted to be.

We then had a chat and it felt so amazing just to be myself for a change all girly and made up. Paul then took some great photos for me as a souvenir of the afternoon.

I can?t wait to visit Paul again and next time I would like to push the boundaries even further with possibly a trip out somewhere in a dress.

Thank you Paul for your understanding and support and making me into the woman I want to be (if only for a few short hours!)

If you?re thinking of a makeover; go on treat yourself and contact Paul paul@born.uk.com

Louise x


I’ve been living as a trans woman for a few years but i’ve always felt that my makeup skills were quite lacking, so when I saw the chance to win a makeup lesson with Born I thought i’d try my luck. I knew of Paul by reputation and several of my friends spoke highly of him, so I was very pleased indeed when I won.
Paul was a lovely guy and I really enjoyed meeting him. He was patient and encouraging, and the techniques he demonstrated were very easy to follow and emulate.? I wanted to achieve a look that was pretty and feminine without being too bold, as I spend far more time out with my kids nowadays than I do in bars and nightclubs.? The look Paul created was perfect for me, and I looked so much better than i’d ever thought possible.
I still need lots of practice to really get the techniques down flawlessly, but the skills I learned during the lesson have already upped my makeup game considerably, and even my 10 minute “pop to the shops” routine has been dramatically improved.
My afternoon with Paul was fun, productive and very inspiring, and i’ve gained so much more confidence in myself as a result.
Emma Casey

As a Transwoman, who has been to several dressing services in London, I have to say I have found a friend and a fantastic trans supporter in Paul at Born. What a wonderful organisation Paul has created. Everything a girl could want in one place. I contacted Paul and he took care of my hair, my brows, my ear piercing, my nails and most of all performed a fantastic makeover on me. He is flexible on location and makes you feel at ease, makes you feel like your true self and makes you look like you hope in your dreams. I enjoyed our chat, and as I said I made a friend who I know will look after me going forward. I immediately signed up for a makeup lesson, but I don?t think this will mean I no longer use Paul?s services, after all a girl wants to dazzle some times!

Amber Edwards

I thought I would drop you a line following my makeup lesson last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with you, and felt so good afterwards. I was out all afternoon with Paula shopping and felt exceptionally confident especially about how I looked. Many people in shops and a restaurant all addressed me in the feminine pronoun and never seemed to give it a second thought or have any uncertainty. That really bolstered my confidence. I really didn’t want to take off the makeup to go to bed on Friday. Saturday I was back to Alistair and how disappointing it was!
A transsexual friend was amazed at how fantastic I looked in my photos taken on Friday. My main point of this email is to say thank you for your help, and for providing this wonderful service.
Catherine Hunt

My wife and I had a makeover in 2016 by Paul in his studio and loved the results, so much so, they were used in a piece on the Born website. Paul made us feel really relaxed, and told us what to do make up wise so we knew what to do in the future. We could not fault the service, in fact I felt so confident, we went into Manchester city centre for some retail therapy and lunch. I would (and have) highly recommend Paul’s services to other trans friends.

Paula Defriez

I visited Paul’s studio, Born, for a professional makeover a few months ago on the recommendation of a good friend. I had already met with Paul socially so was instantly at ease when I arrived. The new studio was very impressive and I had a wonderful time during the makeover. I was preparing myself for a special night out so I wanted to look my best, Paul’s talents certainly saw to that.

Alison Paulette

I met Paul with nervous anticipation, that went as soon as he opened the door and I was led down the garden path to his studio, what a beautiful location. Paul very quickly discussed what I was looking for and started his craftsmanship explained what he was doing and why with the makeup he was so exacting, nothing was too much trouble. I was left to get dressed in my first of many changes. Paul advised with some of the clothes that would photograph well.

It was a beautiful day so relaxing I wore some of my new dress’s that was fun to see them in print. Paul is not only a gifted make up artist but a gifted photographer.

Thank you for a perfect day.

Rosy xxx

Rosy, 2017

I had wanted to book in with Paul for a while as I’d seen work on some girls & was wowed. So I decided to book in at Born for an event I was attending. I’m very used to doing my own thing and trying to improve upon it but recently I’ve been losing faith in myself. I do believe in the idea of being positive and that true beauty is deep inside a person not just their makeup, this for me personally, looking in the mirror, wasn’t working.

On the day of the event and makeover, when I first glanced at the mirror, after Paul had finished, it was Absolute Magic. I was instantly thrown back by whats possible. The patience & artistry of Paul is amazing and just a wonderful presence to be in.

I wore a constant smile that day which is still with me now. I’ve had many compliments from friends & work colleagues. It’s defiantly rejuvenated how I personally feel about myself and I’m thrilled to the moon and back to have had this experience.

Much love & thank you so much xxx

Charlene-Fayth Nathaniella Croft

Having visited other studios episodically I was never really at ease, nor completely at ease with whom I was and whom ultimately, I wanted to be.

In the world of ‘it’s complicated’ I have for far too long sat on the edge, looking in, wishing for and needing a guiding hand.

With Paul at Born not only have I found a way to step forward by gaining that illusive confidence, I feel, I have truly found a friend and beacon who just happens to be an extremely talented makeover artist.

Every time I enter Paul?s tranquil studio feeling world-worn, I leave uplifted with newly and extra installed confidence for my ongoing journey.

I cannot understate in the relatively short period of time I have known Paul and used the services of Born I have been presented with a whole new profound me, resulting in a positive effect on my whole outlook on life and my future Trans journey.

Trish White

Having visited Paul previously for a make over and being totally amazed by the transformation, I was really keen to return for a make-up lesson to help familiarise myself with some of the techniques and application.
I am so glad I went back this second time. Paul carefully explains amongst other things brushes and uses, make-up types and products. We then went on to discuss the type of look I was trying to go for and which colour palette might best achieve this.
We then started the make over with Paul doing one half of the face, with me replicating on the other side. It was clearly a very engaging session, in a relaxed environment as I let my cup of tea go cold, and I ‘never’ waste a good cuppa.
Being able to do the lesson in Paul’s private purpose-built studio meant, there was excellent lighting and everything to hand.
I found the session very informative and provided with follow up notes and product list. No question is considered silly, so ask as many questions as you need, to ensure you get the most out of your time.
I would definitely recommend the session for anyone looking to achieve a more feminine effect through the use of enhanced make-up application.
Regards Jaime x

We all have our favourite wig. Mine sadly, it had seen better days and I thought it was ready to be thrown out. I’ve had it for years and it has done me well. I sent it to Paul at Born to see what he could do with it. I didn’t hold up much hope. Paul sent me some pictures when he had finished working on the hair and I was totally amazed. It looked like new. I saw somewhere, someone call Paul ‘The Wig Whisper’. I can’t agree more. The best £15 I’ve spent on my hair. Thank you Paul I’m so happy with the results. If anyone has a wig, they think is ready for the bin you have nothing to lose by sending it to Paul. If he can’t fix it, he will be honest and let you know before you waste any cash.


I can’t praise Paul’s wig service highly enough. I was delighted when I received my hair back. It was ready for the bin, or so I thought. Then I remembered about Paul’s service and promptly popped my wig in the post to him. I was chuckling to myself as I trotted down to the post office thinking “If he can fix this, he would be a true miracle worker.” And he did!

The hair was so knotted there was no way I could get a comb or brush through it. I have no idea how he did it, but he did, and it looks beautiful again. I’ve saved £££’s on a new wig. Paul send me photos of the hair at every step so I could choose how I wanted the wig to look. Just straight or with a curl. I went for a lovely soft curl, which I love. Clear images were sent to me so I could approve the hair which included a picture from every angle and some close-up shots.

The service was nice and quick. I just can’t fault it. The other nice thing was to be able to support Paul as I know his makeup side is closed due to the virus and I wanted to help him, in my own little way, by putting some work his way. If you do have some hair that you think has had its day give him a go! You’ll will not be disappointed.

Julie Rose

I had a wig that I had worn only when in the shop on the day I purchased it, later at home when trying it on I realised the style I had made a huge mistake and it didn’t suit me at all, so I put it in the bottom of the wardrobe, out of sight out of mind. 

When to my surprise I saw a posting on the Born Facebook page explaining that Paul had completed a course on wig styling and care. 

I contacted Paul and he was so very helpful as I explained my mistake and he had full confidence that he would be able to restyle the wig into a style that we both felt would be more suitable for me. 

I posted the wig off and within a couple of days Paul contacted me to show pictures of what he had achieved, it was amazing to see the transformation into exactly as he described and I now want to wear. 

Born have saved me an embarrassing financial total loss and for a small cost changed a wig that was very close to the rubbish bin into a style that is bespoke for me, quickly and efficiently returned washed, conditioned and so ready to wear, thank you Paul and Born. 

I personally think that using the fabulous new Born wig service has saved me a lot of money and a massive amount of anguish.

Louise Cook

I Went to Born for a makeup lesson. I’m a total beginner and find the range of products available a bit daunting, and have been dissatisfied with my paltry attempts.

Paul put me at ease straight away, and the studio is fab. All the steps were explained well, along with products used and recommended. I will be stocking up! I was really happy with the look created, as Paul made me look better than I thought possible. My problem area were eyes, and I shall be practising. All in all, great value, great service, totally recommended, and I shall be back.

A big thank you to Paul.


Had an absolutely awesome time with Paul today, learning about make up for trans women. Paul was clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft, and was very patient teaching me tips and tricks for getting the best results. My dear friend was rather overwhelmed by the fabulous transformation at the end of it! I would highly recommend anyone thinking about booking a visit to go ahead and do it right now!


I have known Paul for many years and it was great to catch up while I had a make up lesson and Paul then got me ready for a night out. Very relaxed atmosphere but at the same time very informative on techniques and methods used. IE: this is the best product, this is how best to apply it and this is why its best to apply it this way.

As this was a lesson Paul shows you on one side of your face and then guides you on how to duplicate the same results on the other side of your?face. Sounds daunting but dont worry as Paul is on hand to guide, help and fix.

Paul also does a great job of explaining which products are best and why, which I found very useful.

My problem areas where my lips which I cannot get right on my own, so plenty of informative help on how best to apply product.

Loved the end result and had many comments on how fab I looked on my night out.

Thanks Paul

Mikki Tiamo

I recently had the good fortune to win the Born raffle. The prize being a make-up lesson with Paul.

Paul has done a makeover for me in the past, so it’s interesting to compare the makeover experience with the makeup lesson one. Obviously the focus of the lesson is to learn various techniques, whereas the makeover is just about the end result.
We had a brief chat about the look I was hoping to achieve, and what areas I’d like to focus on, and then set about with the lesson. I learned various techniques, some of which I now apply to my everyday makeup, while others I’ll likely save for special occasions. As part of the process, Paul applied makeup to one side of my face, and I had to follow his actions and achieve the same look on the other side. It’s a very effective method of learning, and means that any lapses in concentration (and I did have one or two) are quickly highlighted and addressed.
Paul followed-up a couple of days later with a detailed account of the make-up application process, including the various brands and shades that we’d used. Reading through it, it jogged my memory of the bits I’d forgotten, perfectly.
An excellent experience that I’d thoroughly recommend. And the end results (half done by my own hand) were as good as any makeover. I so often see girls who feel trapped in a makeover loop because they don’t feel their own skills are up to scratch. My advice? Book a makeup lesson rather than a makeover every once in a while. It’ll make a world of difference on the days when you can’t fit a makeover into your schedule, and it’ll save you a load of money in the long run.
Nicole x
Nicole Thornber

I visited Born as part of an amazing gift (full day makeover, photoshoot and make up lesson) paid for by my very generous girlfriend. She chose the services of Paul because although she recognised there were many other makeover services on the market, uniquely Paul seemed to focus on the positivity and beauty of Trans (and bringing this out in us) as opposed to misinformed view of were all ‘highly sexualised’ which seems to be the dominant selling point for other providers within in the market. My Girlfriend was also impressed how timely and polite Paul was in his email communication (sadly others were not).

From my perspective, I feel in the time since my day with Paul my life has changed for the better, I have developed a real motivation to improve the way I look through the techniques and advice Paul has given me, I feel more confident about embracing my feminine persona, I also feel for the first time that I am beautiful and not a mismatched ugly freak which has caused me much personal anguish, stress, shame and denial over the years. Paul has been the impetus for this change.

I don’t feel it is necessary to talk in too much detail about Paul the makeup artist because the pictures of his exemplary work are there for you all to see. If you use these services you get Paul the person who is lovely, interesting and very accommodating, over the day we discussed many subjects my overriding opinions of Paul is he is genuinely a nice guy who is a champion for the community. I told him that he could probably make way more money giving cis gender women makeovers. His response resonates with me ?I know this but my heart is with and will always be with the Trans community.

I will be using Paul again in the near future, mainly because I have every confidence in his abilities to help me develop as Lisa, a Trans Woman.

My deepest thanks from Claire and myself x

Lisa Sweet

I was very nervous before I went to Born. I was wondering what I would look like and if it would made a difference to how I view myself. I’ve always felt ugly and I’ve never liked myself, the only times in my life when started to change was with my transition. So when I looked at myself after Born made me over I just couldn’t believe it and that suddenly flood of emotion. It just made the day so wonderful especially after getting to yourself late. It didn’t stop there either, I shown my friends on facebook and everyone was saying how wonderful I was looking, my mums best friend even said how much I reminder her of my mum. I certainly think Born lives up to the name, about confidence building. All of this and it was the first time I came, so yes I certainly at some point will come back.

Shannon Elizabeth Maher

I met Paul through his Style Director Grace Oni Smith after she did my first make over for a beauty pageant I was entered in. After the pageant for me personally things fell in to place and Paul is one of the main people who got me to where I am today. Since 2015 Paul has helped me find my feet as a trans woman, helped me with perfecting my make up so I feel confident always and of course there is the emotional support that Paul and his team delivers. I have been full time now since April 2016 and I don’t think I would have gotten to this stage without his support. Friendship and cups of tea.

Jamimie Peute

We met Paul at Born a few months back as I was wanting some pictures taken and then I was invited to spend the day along with my wife for a makeup and photo shoot. What can we say it was the best day ever. We felt so relaxed on meeting Paul. It was as if we had known him for? years and the service, we can only say, was first class we only wish we could keep him all for ourselves as his makeup skills are amazing.

Charlotte Flanigan

I wanted to take a bit of time to tell you what a positive impact yesterday had on me. I loved the makeup and the photo shoot and the photos, but it also really set me up for the rest of the day with a good mood and self confidence.
I really hope I can afford to come back to Born sometime before too long!
Thanks again, Mattie
Mattie Davies

I had the opportunity to visit the lovely Paul Heaton from Born who provides a wonderful selection of services from makeup, makeup tutorials, photo-shoots and a variety of other things via the Born website.

From arriving at his studio he made me very welcome and made me a cup of coffee. We had a little chat and he talked about what colours he thought would suit what I was wearing. Then he got to work. If only I could have seen what he was doing but he wanted it to be surprise. One thing I do remember is he did my eyes first followed by the foundation and contouring etc. I’ve always done it the other way round so need to change what I do. He also said that applying foundation with a good brush using a pressing motion instead of brushing it on is the best way to apply it.

Then came the reveal and I was so happy and excited with what he achieved. We took some lovely pics and I took selfies and they are my favorite pics from being out as a trans girl. I got many comments about how great I looked and it made me feel great.

I’d recommend any trans girls to use Paul’s services as you won’t regret it. I’ll certainly be seeing him again sometime in the future hopefully for makeup lessons too so I can learn how best to apply it to my face as I’m still not the most confident myself in that area.

Thanks Paul you made me very happy and keep up the great work.

Jessica Goldbridge x

Sonya Neil, 2018

After many unsuccessful “Makeovers” provided by dubiously qualified providers I came across an article in The Telegraph ‘The UK’s first transgender confidence consultancy’ Born. Researching further and been impressed with their website and ethos I touch the plunge and booked in for a Makeover and Photo shoot as a Birthday treat with Paul.

Easy to find (google maps) Paul escorted me through to his Studio in one of the best designed Gardens I’ve seen for a long time. Paul immediately put me at ease as we discussed the outfits I’d brought and looks that would suit the look I was trying to achieve.

He worked methodically away explaining the colour choices and reasoning behind the choices and gave me a few options as we went along. When the reveal came I was gobsmacked and hand on heart can say without reservation it was the best I had ever looked. Everything I could have hoped to achieve he managed, from the shape of my brows, the stunning eye makeup, to filling out my thin lips.

So onto the Photo shoot, I’m Chandler Bing when it comes to smiling in Photos but with Pauls gentle direction and feeling more at ease with him I was able to relax and even manage a smile. After a few outfit changes and truly feeling like a princess it was all over too soon. Not wanting to ruin a perfect makeover I decided to travel home in disguise of a Hat and Sunglasses. Once home I began to realise the full effort of Paul’s effort, everything had stayed in place and I was able to see the detail of his work.

Paul certainly achieved above and beyond everything I had dreamed of in a Makeover, boosting my confidence and showing me what is achievable. I can recommend Paul without any hesitation what so ever. ?I’m now trawling my Diary for dates so I can book in for lessons.

If you are nervous about taking the plunge, I know the first time anywhere new is daunting, don’t put it off you are in some of the most capable hands out there.

Bobbie Leeds

I have just had an online makeup lesson with Paul trying to improve my eye makeup and bigger lips etc. Excellent results. He is very skilled and very patient and never hurried. I would highly recommend him at whatever level you are at! Excellent lesson and very pleased with the results.


You have got to do this! Just done my online makeup lesson with Paul at Born and I have learnt more in an hour and a half than in years! Paul is super patient, even with me! You won’t be disappointed and well worth the money. Paul is so knowledgeable and at hand to answer any questions

The beauty of it was I could see it in real time as the eye makeup progressed. I’m certainly going to book another lesson very soon!! I immediately felt comfortable with Paul, which is unusual for me as I don’t normally like showing myself on camera owing to personal self-confidence issues. Thank you so much Paul! xx



Unhappy with that wig ? Well I was and deeply so, excitedly opening the box on the new purchase and it was a resounding “urrk” from me. Maybe I would grow to like it, but sadly not. So I did had it restyled and it was sadly no better, possibly worse and thus thrown in a very dark corner for a year or so.

Nothing to lose, Paul came to the rescue – seemingly reveling in the challenge set before him.

A wash, nip, tuck, restyle and some kind of magic resulted in what looked like a new wig and style.

One word, fabulous !

Trish White

I definitely thought my favourite wig had really had its day. It was knotted, dull and covered in products. I sent it off to Paul at Born, not really hoping for much, but it came back like new. I was so pleased to have my old wig back and looking so wonderful. The service was reliable and quick. I was sent good quality images so I could see the hair before it was posted back to me and the price was much cheaper than buying a new wig. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul?s wig service. Go on ladies get your old wigs out and send them to Paul to breathe new life into them. You?ll be so glad you did.

Davina Jameson

What can I say .. the wonderful Paul Heaton the wig whisperer!!. They weren?t in the best condition if I’m honest but OMG way beyond what I expected? thankyou thankyou thankyou. x

Jillian Jackson

I went for a make up lesson at Born. The lesson was well structured, planned and organised logically. Paul was very professional and patient. The lesson allowed me to focus and spend more time on areas which were more problematic for me whilst still completing an overall look.

His explanations were very clear as are the very useful guide notes following the lesson. It has given me a greater understanding of what I’m doing and why opposed to just applying make up – I’d highly recommend it – has changed my confidence and was money well spent. Thank you Paul.


Since I got the chance a free makeover and photo session I jumped at the chance as I knew it would help my confidence.

Paul set me at ease and made me feel at home. The session lasted a few hours and the time just flew past. After Paul was finished he gave me the mirror and I didn’t know if I should open my eyes as I was worried I wouldn’t like the end result….. but OMG. even I fancied myself!

Paul did a simply amazing job and my confidence went through the roof!

Myself and my best friend are so happy (yes she was totally jealous) we have booked Paul for Sparkle 2019.

Thank you Paul for making me so happy.


I spent the whole day with Paul, this was my first ever makeover and photo shoot as a crossdresser. Paul put me at ease. It all felt right and it was like friends just doing makeup but in a very professional way.

I learnt a lot during the lesson and will be able to start to practice the techniques Paul has taught?me. Fantastic experience, and if your thinking of having a makeover as a trans person I would highly recommend Paul and Born.


I had invited Paul to the hotel I was staying at in Manchester. I?needed a full make over for the Armed Forces and Veterans LGBTQ Ball.
He spent a good hour with me and the results were perfect, could not find any faults and was a lovely person, explained throughout what he was doing. Many thanks Paul a great experience and a great ball afterwards.


Paul was so nice from the first minute to the last minute. He already had ideas of my look with a bit of input from myself he did a amazing makeover. Very professional and made me relax the experience. And the finish look was beautiful. Would definitely recommend Paul for a wonderful makeover x


Really helped my transition. I had the makeover and photoshoot. The pictures were great, especially for the self esteem. It also helped me to progress with my makeup. Using better products, and learning how to use. Being less of a lesson was nice as Paul could do his magic, and I could be a princess. Until doing this, I never appreciated just how much it could help me, and change how others treat me. I also get compliments on my make up, that is lovely – definitely thank Paul for that.


After 15+ years hiding away I decided to pick up where I’d left off back in 2003, sadly time had not been kind, and my makeup skills were also severely lacking. I searched for some help, and as luck would have it found Paul almost by accident.
I am so glad that I did, Paul has been wonderful. Taking me step by step through all the things I needed to achieve the look I wanted. It has been such a confidence booster working with Paul, I honestly don’t think I’d have been able to go full time without his help!
I highly recommend Born and cannot thank Paul enough for all the help and support!


Sarah Kemsing

Before going to Born being Trans was something to survive. I went to one of the Mad Trans Tea Party things they run; I was so nervous about it. I felt I already had confidence (I didn?t!) but thought I could maybe make friends. I met Paul and Grace and came home from there realising that being trans is something to celebrate.

For my birthday, my partner Charlie secretly booked me in with Born. I?m not exaggerating when I say that going to Born broke a curse. Since then my life has exploded with opportunities and new and interesting relationships. That?s the magic of confidence; It brings with it the ability to say yes to life. I?ve done loads of new things. I?ve been in the Big issue, I?m a trustee for Happy Valley Pride. I hated my voice but I?ve done a 2-hour radio show. I hated my body but I?ve done a photo shoot in basically my nightie which is about to be on the Cover of Label Magazine. Some of the other photos are in Exhibitions in London and Vermont which is in America n stuff. I?ve worked for Barnardo?s Young LGBT project supporting Trans kids. Ended up on a Channel 4 and I?m going be in a music video? oh and I started my own club night. All of which wouldn?t have happened without the support and encouragement of Born who made me feel like someone.


Kim Lana Blackburn

I have visited Paul at Born three times up to now and every time has been a amazing experience. I go to Born for makeup and every time the results amaze me. Paul makes me feel welcome every time and will always try to help with any trans related issues I have. My partner has also met Paul when we had a photo-shoot done and she feels the same way. There is no doubt Born and Paul are a great asset to the trans community.

Karen Thornton

I’m trans and a client of Paul Heaton’s at Born who helps with my makeup for night’s out, and he is also training me in the use of makeup. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better. Paul is very professional in what he does and his expertise is second to none.

Melissa Orintas

Such a great day, Paul is such a perfectionist with his makeup and it looked great. It was great that my mum could come too and he made us feel both at ease from the get go, very professional and also very warm and welcoming.

Jo Palmer

I have visited Born on several occasions for help with makeup and beauty. They give an excellent service. The makeup was modern and fresh and I felt like the look was designed just for me. The Born team made me feel totally at home and relaxed. I left with my head held high ready to tackle anything the world could throw at me. I am a regular visitor to Born and always will be.

Abi Carr

I recently attended a one to one lesson in feminization training and trans awareness with Paul Heaton. It was a brilliant experience! Paul is a fabulous, patient teacher and takes the times to explain things in a way which you understand. He answered all my questions and as someone that is relatively new to learning about the trans community, he never made me feel judged about some of my questions or lack of knowledge.

He provided a wonderful model for me to train on and Paul completed one side of her face and I then replicated the look on the other side of the models face.

I was really pleased with the results and learned a whole host of useful tips and tricks, as well as competing my trans awareness training.? Paul also gave me some invaluable advice about how to move forward after I had completed my training and has also provided me with some great aftercare.

I would recommend Paul to anyone that is interested in learning makeup techniques whether this be for yourself or for application on someone else. I can wait to get started and put my training into action!

Thanks again Paul for a fabulous experience!

Victoria Marley

Makeup Artiest

It was wonderful to get the hands-on lesson and loved the results of the look Paul demonstrated. I learned a lot and thanks for?all the tips you gave along the way on technique, tools, products and colour especially having it personalised for my own individual?situation and desired look. There is a lot to learn and hopefully I find the time to practice what you showed me.

I glanced through the notes and they look to be comprehensive on what you showed me on the day – but as with everything I know it comes down to ‘practice, practice, practice!’


My first visit to Born. I was until today a makeover virgin. I have never had anyone do my makeup other than myself. I am lacking in self confidence and making my way to Born my anxiety levels where quite extreme… but from the moment I met Paul I was greeted with such warmth and an incredible smile my anxiety melted away.

Paul’s nature is lovely with a very person centered manner that is complimented with very professional skills. I requested Paul help me find a look that he felt would compliment my face and I wasn’t disappointed. I can only describe Paul’s nature and skills as a bespoke service because without doubt it is something wonderfully special. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Born for the most amazing services afforded the trans community.

Maddy Smith

A lovely testimonial from a recent Born client. Sadly no pictures as this person wants to keep them private 🙂
“A visit to Paul always delivers an inner peace and an outer beauty. He combines the understanding of a counsellor with an artist’s eye and a technician’s skills. The outcome is a sense of calm and personal validation that is durable.
The first time I visited Paul was to gain a richer understanding of how I might look with a professional’s touch. He immediately placed me at ease, asked just the right number of questions to gain an understanding of what I was seeking and quietly got to work in his lovely studio. I was delighted with the look he achieved, with the photos he took and his gentle manner which transformed mild initial nerves into confidence.
Throughout, Paul’s communications have been supportive, comprehensive, discreet and swift.
Having just returned from a second makeover and photoshoot, I can add that Paul is also consistent. Almost two years later his nature is just as wonderful and his eye just as good. Most importantly, his business continues to promote the community in all the right ways.
Many thanks, Paul. I’ll be returning soon.” Sapphi #transgender

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